we got a tiny bit of snow this morning, you can sorta see it out the window. So since Thomas was already at the window I got out the Christmas window clings, and we put "stickers" of baby Jesus up on the window. He thinks they are the neatest thing ever. I sure do enjoy introducing him to new things!


A Thomas BRAG

I am amazed at how smart Thomas is. He has every book he owns memorized and pretends to read them to me all day long. He already knows his ABC's. He can count to 30 (after 20 it takes a little prompting, but he gets it). He knows colors and shapes.
In nursery on Sunday, they taught him a new song about monkey and a crocodile. I had never heard this song before. But that night he said to me "sing the monkey song", and he started to do the hand actions. I thought he was talking about Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, but as he did the actions and repeated the words he remembered, I realized it was something new. I had to ask the Nursery leader what he was talking about and she told me the new song they learned, and it was just like Thomas had said - only I just couldn't understand him. So now this is his second favorite song to sing:

Five little monkeys swinging in a tree
teasing mr. crocodile "you can't catch me, no you can't catch me" (wag finger)
Then along comes mr. crocodile, quiet as can be (put hands together flat and make slithering motion, as if slithering through water)
and SNAPPED(say that word really loud)
that monkey right out of that tree (make arms big and snap them down like a crocodile's jaws snapping shut)

His favorite song is "the rainbow song"

I'll build you a rainbow, way up high above. (he raises his hands up high)
Send down a sunbeam, plumb full of love. (he gives me a hug)
Sprinkle down raindrops, teardrops of joy. ( we wiggle our fingers up high, then I tickle his neck)
I'll be happy as spring-time, watchin' over my boy.

(you can find that song here)(http://www.angelfire.com/nv/RitOnGrams/page20.html)