Happy Birthday!

Yesterday Grandpa Hansen turned 77 years young!


I got a Job!

It's just part time - and it is something I love to do - so I honestly wonder if I can even call it work. Just Bee Scrappin' is the scrapbook store here in Brigham City, and I am going to be starting there on Monday!

I only work when Tyson is home to watch Thomas, and the hours work perfectly with Tyson's schedule! I am so excited! The owner even said I can design Layouts to see if she can use them for a page kit that she wants to start in the next month or so!!! That is an incredible oppertunity.

I have always been more of a hermit scrapper - I like my own style (I am still scrapping in 8/12 X 11 page format - which is concidered old fashioned - but I prefer it). I guess I will be reaching out of my little comfort zone - but I am not worried one bit about it - because I know I can do it!

It is just going to take TONS of resistant willpower to not want to buy everything I see in the store.


Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2008.

I am a list maker. This (so far) is my list of things to do in 2008:

eat better
exercise more
go to the temple more often
take Thomas swimming more
make sure to spend time with family more (Tom and Lori, and Rochelle - this means you)
save $$$$$$ for a house
make and send out cards (expect a homemade card from me on your birthday)
scrap more
go to a SJ crop