At the Park

Since I can't get the video to work - here's one great pic from our first day at the park this year!

It was kinda like a new experience, because he is so much bigger now, and it was like he'd never been there before, he was so excited and went down the slide over and over all by himself!

NOT so Springy.

These pics are from yesterday -

- poor Thomas he gets so confused with this weather.
One day it's almost 80degrees and the next, it's snowing - one day he gets to go to the park and the next, Mean Ol' Mommy won't let him go outside.
I let him entertain himself by spreading his diapers all over the house - he treats them like books, kinda, he likes to tell stories about what the charaters on them are doing - like cookie monster is tooting a horn, and Periwinkle, Magenta and Blue are on his newest set of diapers.
We got away from watching Jungle Book 24/7 - and are now back to "Pie-Ya" (the Backyardigans).
I have been working on posting a video of Thomas, so you all can see how grown up he is getting, but I think all my videos are either too long, or there is something wrong with Photobucket - not sure yet.


I have decided to ...

Join the Dark Side - they have cookies

Not because blondes don't have more fun, or cuz I was sick of blonde jokes or anything like that.

I have been "lightening" my hair since I was about 11 years old - my natural color was what I call "mousey blonde" - and I loved the bright blonde look much better.

but after my last highlighting job - I ended up with an unnatural yellow color - and as my roots started to regrow - they looked very black. So I decided that I would cover up my mistake with a darker color - and let it grow out for a while.

I kind of like the darker look - it adds more color to my face instead of washing me out - and my eyebrows don't look so out of place - and I feel like I look a bit more my age too - I know I am nearly to 30 - and I just felt like people still see me as younger than I am - and perhaps it was because of my hair (and maybe my round face, but that is a different issue).

I know you all want pictures, but you will have to wait.
I will have Tyson take a few before I head out to work tomorrow - after I actually put some makeup on and get out of my lounge clothes.

OK edited to add my pics
I had to take them myself, cuz Tyson had to leave early for work, because of road construction - so here ya go


I'm getting pretty bad at this

I am such a slacker, and haven't updated in a while AGAIN. My life is terribly boring lately, but in a good way. Tyson is still loving his job, and I still love mine.
We have put off potty training Thomas for a while, and put him back in diapers, and he seems to have relaxed about the whole thing, so we'll see how long until he wants to go back.
For my birthday (in May) Tyson let me get a big present for myself - so I got a Cricut - for all you non-scrapbookers, that's a personal cutting machine! I got two cartidges for it Base Camp and Zooballoo. I didn't get George, cuz I don't like that font, and have just now discovered that I can't use the trial of Design Studio with out it - so I am going to have to save even more pennies to get the full version of Design Studio sometime in the future.
I have been in a great scrapbooking mood lately and this is just going to be like logs on the fire, to keep me creating - so I will probably be saring more of my Layouts on here, since I know not many of you venture to my gallery on ScrapJazz.

Tyson's big birthday gift to himself is more expansions to his Heroscape game. He is really into it, and loves getting anyone he can to play the game with him. It is pretty fun - I know my brothers like it.