Newton Dam

We couldn't let the summer come to an end without taking a trip to Newton Dam.
We had the beach all to ourselves, so that was a bonus.

Dad's got the best kayaks for paddling around in the water - the kids can manuver some on their own, and some are big enough for 2 people.

The weather was hot, breeze at times, and even slightly cloudy. The water was warm and it wasn't even as dirty as Bear Lake had been. Everyone had a fun time.

The kids had a fun time even out of the water - we weren't quite ready to go yet, so they sat in the back of the truck and van to get warmed up after they got tired of being wet. AJ brought trail mix, and the kids liked picking the chocolate chips out of it LOL. (Rusty is eating rocks not trail mix LOL).

There was a little fighting over who's turn it was to put their head out the window of the truck, but these cousins sure did love playing together. It was a perfect day.


Ok last one Camp #6

all the last pics randomly added here :)

We all went to the river on Monday, all excited to play IN it, do some river walking, and cool off.... BUT it was SOOOOOOO cold. It was Glacier Cold. It hurt instead of feeling nice. So we played in it a little, but could hardly stand how cold it was - that was when we gave up and had to go make our boats (to warm back up) and floated them standing on the riverbank instead of IN it.

we all tried to brave the cold, but it didn't last long

The boys liked the log bridges across the stream -- they made me nervous (but I am not a fan of water - i tried not to let my fears hold the boys back from having fun)

Grayson spent LOTS of time in that chilly water - kids must not have cold sensors developed yet - or they are superceded by their FUN sensors....

ME :)

Alex putting on a show at the ampetheater

Playing at the ampetheater

Bubble Time!
my camera didn't like the low light - but I still was able to get some interesting shots

My first ever dutchoven Pineapple Upsidedown Cake!!! It was YUMMY!

The BEAUTIFUL scenery!

Hike Camp #5

The last day we took an easy hike to the head of the stream - I wish I knew what it was called. Willow Springs, I guess - but I tried to Google it, and can't find anything...

Here we are at the top - Thomas doesn't look like he is having fun, but he is.

I told Grayson to give me a big smile - for him, that means that he opens his mouth real wide, but I got one regular shot, and then told him to frown instead to get him to stop with the gapping wide mouth --- such a funny kid

and here is the water coming out of the rock!!!

to say this hike was beautiful is an understatement. it was gorgeous! We might go again next week, because it was such a neat experience and soooooo majestic.