Our busy day

I think he is trying to tell me something.

We had a wonderful day out today. We went with Chris, Sara, Halden and Keithan on a memorial day outing. We saw Thomas the Tank Engine, and got to go for a ride, and also visited Hogal Zoo. It was a big adventure for those small boys. I think by the end we were all feeling the way Thomas was. And I will share more pictures and stories soon!


A sweet surprize

Tyson made my day by surprizing me with flowers. I love getting flowers on an ordinary day. Then they have so much more meaning.
This picture of them was an attempt at playing with my camera settings. I need lots of practice.


Funky Guitar

Funny Videos

Nate sent me this video. This guy has a cool talent! Enjoy!
If you want to watch another video on my blog, you will need to pause the music. Just scroll the mouse over the video.


Shelly's Big Day!

I love these pictures I got of Shelly as she opened her mission call. No one guessed exactly where she was going, so I think we were all in shock. I love picture number 3!! She is shocked too! As it all sunk in, though, I think she is very comfortable with it, and is looking forward to this new experience.

*** Called to Serve ***


Thomas Counting!

I love it when Thomas picks up the things he sees on Sesame Street! We have the TV on in the background during the day and when he hears them start counting, he runs into the TV room and counts along with them.
We also count when we are doing diaper changes. We count to 10, and when we get to 10, that means we are done and he is free to get up. He surprized us one day, by continuing to count to 13. He is super smart!
He loves to Count. He does it all the time, in the car (like in the video), and when he is in his crib when he is supposed to be going to sleep.
He has some numbers that he likes more than others: 8 9 and 12.

We are still working on the ABC's. He will say them with Sesame Street, but not with us, or on his own.


A Self Portrait

This is ME!
In compliance with a blog challenge, here is a current (taken tonight) picture of yours truely!
The rose Bush is nice too!


Play the Guessing Game!

Shelly has put in her mission papers and expects to recieve her mission call around May 16th or May 23rd.
We want everyone to take a guess at where she will get to go.
You can have 2 picks - one place outside the US, and one of the 50 states.

Put your guess in the comments section, along with your name (since I don't know everyone by their sign-in names) and I will update this frequently.

Need some inspiration? Click here for an interactive map

Shelly's Bishop - England
Tyson - France, Florida
Mindy - Germany , Missouri
Rochelle - Russia, Alabama
Suzanne - Denmark, Minnesota
Kaycee - Chile, South Carolina
Noel - Norway, Colorado
Beth -Holland, Pennsylvania
Grandma Hansen - Switzerland, California
AJ - Sweden, California
Jessica - Switzerland
Sara - England, Washington
Nate -
Mom - Denmark, Oregon
Dad - Germany
Thomas (pointed on a globe) - Polynesia
Ashley - Canada, Ohio
Ashley's mom - England, Ohio
Nicole- Finland, or a temple (like D.C.)