Our Thankful Tree

For Family Home Evening last night, we put together our annual Thankful Tree.

We had more leaves than we have had any year before.  And Thomas enjoyed getting to write on some of the leaves himself this year.

We love this tradition.  It sits on our dining room table to remind us each day of all we are grateful for.

The leaves were cut with my cricut.  we hung them with bent paperclips, it was much quicker and easier than tying ribbons or string to each leaf.  The Branches were collected from the park.  They are simply put into a recycled juice bottle with rocks at the bottom.



I know I don't blog much anymore - fb is just more convenient - BUT for several photos, I would rather have them on here - so here's a quick splat of our Halloween funs this year:

Avengers Assemble --- at Mom's Birthday party/halloween costume carnival

 Baby Thor - I liked how the wind caught his cape in this one

Carving Pumpkins - --- I swore after last year that we would be painting them this year, but Thomas and Grayson both insisted that they wanted to carve out the Jack-o-lantern faces, and they could handle scooping out the "guts"  - well, Grayson gagged a few times, and Thomas had a full blown meltdown because it didn't come out the first try, and I swear that Next year - we're painting them.........  but after all the Guff, they were both happy with their pumpkins

 Grayson ended up NEEDING a superman symbol and Thomas NEEDED batman (cuz they NEEDED to match the shirts they were wearing that day.)

 THOMAS's school costume parade
Capt. America
baby Thor

me and Iron man ;)

our glowing pumpkins

 we didn't let them have much of their candy tonight after trick or treating

Silly Baby

Witches Night Out ;)  last week
so there you have it - Thanks for lookin!


Micah turned one!

we had a party last weekend, and it turned out to be so much fun!
we had a Mr. potatohead Mustache Bash!
the invite I made :)

the kids played with Mr. potatohead,  dress up, and pin the mustache on Mr. potatohead.
we adults had fun sporting mustaches too

Micah didn't do much with his smash cake - until the very end when he decided he liked the way it squished in his toes

and everyone got to take home an Idaho Spud!