I am so proud of my pinata

I like making Pinatas.
I have made one for Thomas's birthday since he was 3 - he just expects one, so this is my third year!

This year we are doing another Car's party theme.
It took me a while to decide what kind of pinata to make. I didn't think that I could do a good looking car, plus I didn't think that whacking Lightning or Mater was a very nice idea. But a bad guy - yeah, we could whack the heck out of a bad guy.
So came the plans for making Professor Z into a pinata.

Here is Professor Z - I don't know why,but Thomas always likes the bad guys.

here is the start of my pinata:
I made it with a big punch balloon and a thin cardboard cereal type box

people might think making a pinata is hard, but it's quite simple - and my method is even less messy than you might imagine too.
I use:
torn newspaper
simple white flour and water for my paper mache' paste (I don't measure but it's something like one cup of flour and 2 cups water)
and sometimes I need to use a little masking tape
And I use small foam brush to apply the paste, so I stay fairly clean

here he is with a layer of white paper just so he will paint easier

he is starting to look like my inspiration!!!

And here is the final project. Thanks for looking!!

Tomorrow is the party, so come back again to see how he faired -- I always wonder how my pinatas will handle their beatings LOL ....