I know I shouldn't get too excited, but today we got a few hints that our loan application for the NNHC (neighborhood nonprofit housing corp.) is starting to be processed.

First we got notice from our credit monitoring company that our credit was being checked out!

Then Grandma got a letter from them, because she is our Landlord and they requested info about us, like if we pay on time and such.

So I told Grandma to hurry and get that filled out and sent back in, so that they can get us all finalized and approved. Keep your fingers crossed for us.


Nate's got T-shirts

Wear Quackyboys with pride :)

Shelly's baby Alex


our fun family day

well, today did not turn out as planned at all. We were supposed to be heading to Salt Lake to look at buying a second car. Since we would have to take the kids, we were going to make a day out of it, by going to the Aquarium first. But it turned out that we couldn't get things worked out to see the car today, so we completely changed plans.

Instead we went to Corinne and walked thru all the homes being built out there, so we could see what the floor plans looked like in real life. We found the one that we think would work the best for us (if we get accepted into the program). Thomas had a lot of fun checking out all the empty houses and Grayson slept the whole time.

The whole morning we had been hyping up that we were going on a drive and kept telling Thomas we had a surprize for him (the aquarium) - so we had to come up with something else to "surprize" him with. So we decided to take him bowling.

He had a fun time discovering all the new things that came with this new experience. He had a tantrum when we took off his Lightning McQueen shoes, but then decided that the bowling shoes were ok. He liked the colored balls, and he loved that "his" ball had an 8 on it. He thought it was funny that they had holes in them. We taught him to keep his hands on his tummy while waiting for the ball to come back up the return thingy, so he wouldn't get his fingers pinched.
We were the only ones at the bowling alley at 11 am on a monday morning - so he also loved having lots of space to RUN.

After all the fun of pushing his bowling ball down the ramp, and watching mom and dad throw the ball, and knocking down the pins, he didn't want to go home. After all the fuss of getting the bowling shoes on - he then tried to refuse to take them back off again.

We then had Subway sandwiches for lunch - which meant he got to have Dorito chips! After his nap (which he desperately needed) he and I finished off our fun day by leaving Daddy home with Grayson and went to Walmart to get groceries (which meant he got chocolate milk).



There is the proof....

well, I didn't need proof that I am sleep deprived, but I got it today anyway

I was making stirfry for lunch, and had some frozen eggrolls to heat up with it - so I look at the box to see how long to cook them and I *thought* that it said 11-12 minutes -

so I popped them in the microwave and went on making my stirfry - when Tyson and I sat down to eat, he picked up his eggroll and tried to break it in half, but it was hard as a rock - when it did break open I saw it was BLACK in the middle

well, I looked back at the box again and what I had read to be 11-12 minutes actually said 1 1/2 - 2 minutes

Yes, I am very lucky that they didn't catch on fire.


Family Photo

We blessed Grayson in church today.
I thought it would be a perfect oppertunity to get a good family picture, but as you can see from the following - it just didn't work out as planned. LOL
but I guess you could say that they are a good reflection of Real Life