Suzanne - I blame you

and I will tell you why...
Suzanne came over to my house a few weeks ago, to help me live thru my 29th birthday.
I made tortillini, and she said she would bring some cheesy garlic toast.

Now I have had frozen cheesy garlic bread frequently.
But Suzanne introduced me to FRESH homemade cheesy garlic bread. She had made her own garlic butter - and brought me a whole container of it. She got out a fresh loaf of french bread, sliced it, spread it with the garlic butter, then topped it with grated mozzerella cheese (which she also left behind when she went home that night).
Now to most of you, this is just common sense, but the idea had never occured to me before.
We popped it into the toaster oven, and she left it in just long enough to melt the cheese on top - another lightbulb came on in my head - I always end up burning my garlic bread, cuz I was thinking it needed to be crunchy (and with the frozen stuff that is pretty much all you can do anyway). But "Suzanne's Way" left it deliciously soft and I was AMAZED.

so now I am converted to the homemade cheesy garlic toast cult

I had a salad for lunch the other day ..... with cheesy garlic toast

I had a slice of pizza .... with cheesy garlic toast.

I had broccolli soup .... .with cheesy garlic toast.

I even have it for breakfast every other day or so :) LOL

well you get the idea ....

and Suzanne, it's all your fault.



Oh, how I HATE them. :( It had been rainy for several days, so one the one sunny day we had, Thomas was playing in the yard, and I decided to pull weeds. I don't know if the weed pulling was the actual culprit - but I am sure having my face right in them was no help. I haven't really had any relief from these dang allergies since. I cannot breathe thru my nose at all - and that makes my mouth all dry.
Both Tyson and I are soring really bad -- but since Tyson can sleep thru an earthquake (literally) he is not as bothered by me --- but here I am at 2:30 in the morning Wide awake, with itchy eyes, sore throat, stuffy nose and I am just plain grumpy. :(



Thomas hasn't been feeling very well for the last couple days. I am still not really even sure what was wrong - I would ask him where it hurt, but he couldn't tell me - I asked if it was his tummy, "NO", his ears, "NO", his mouth or teeth, "No". He had a fever for 2 days, that we tried to keep at bay with Tylenol, but it didn't seem to work, so we got some childrens advil, and that finally did the trick.
He is feeling better today - at least he is not hot anymore. And he wants to get out - he asked if we could go to church, and then cried when I told him that it was only Friday. He asked later if we could go to Walmart (that is where we usually go to get groceries and stuff, he thinks it's like his personal playground), but Tyson has already left for work, so I don't have a car. It looks like it's going to rain, so we won't get to go for our regular walk either. Poor kid. Maybe I had better start thinking up something extra fun to do inside today.
The forecast still says it's going to rain until Tuesday next week - good thing we didn't have big memorial day plans or anything.


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The big Zoo

We took Thomas to the big Zoo (Hogle Zoo in SLC) yesterday. We told him the zoo at Willow park was little and we could see more animals at the big zoo.
We picked a hot day to go - but we wanted to go before all the kiddies get out of school for the summer. So at least it wasn't crowded.
The first animals you see when going into the zoo, are the elephants. Once we got there, Thomas didn't want to go anywhere else. He was perfectly satisfied with staying right there for the rest of the day. So the whole rest of the trip consisted of
"thomas next we are going to see the ___"
"no, no, no, no, no, no"

But we made it through, and after seeing the elephants once more, he told us he wanted to go back to the car LOL. poor kid, his parents just wanted to show him the sights and he was content to stay at home and play in the backyard. That will probably be our only trip this summer - besides going camping in Aug.

so here are a few pics of Thomas's reluctant Zoo experience:

the first sight of the Elephants



back to the Elephants Dad

ready to go home after seeing the elephants again

oh, and the balloon - as we tried to hype up the zoo for 2 weeks before we went, we asked Thomas what he wanted to see at the zoo - and his response was either a green ballon or a purple balloon - and I would ask again "What ANIMALS do you want to see at the zoo?" LOL and he would usually then answer monkey or elephant - but he still insisted that he would need a ballon at the zoo - so this little Thomas the train ballon was the perfect thing, I picked it up at the store before we left, and then just gave it to him there, no helium required, so it wouldn't escape and blow away - it was perfect.

And that finishes off our busy, but fun, whirlwind weekend.
Tyson's birthday was Thurs. and mine was Sat. So we dropped Thomas off at Mom's (thanks mom!) and we got to go on a real date (it had been like a year since our last real date). Mom had Chris and Sara drop off Halden and Keithan too, so the 3 boys played all day together.
On sunday Thomas was excited to go back to Grandma's house for a second time, and my siblings had a party for us, with cake, icecream and presents! Thanks everybody!
and then monday's trip to the zoo was a great way to just wrap it all up.

Now it's back to our regularly scheduled events, of laundry, dishes, and of course playing outside until it gets dark!


Thomas Dancin'

Thomas loves this episode of Blues Clues - called "Song Game" ~this video shows him dancing along!

For some reason I still cannot get the photobucket videos to show up on my blog, so just click on the link and it will take you to the video :)


Willow Park

For Mothers Day, after we went out to dinner, we took Thomas to Willow Park. I was hoping that he would be excited about the little Zoo they have there. (We are taking him to the big Zoo next week - so I hope he'll be more excited there).
He thought the Peacock was the coolest. So here are a few good pics I got.


National Scrapbooking Day

This past weekend was National Scrapbooking Day - I had to work most of Saturday (at Just Bee Scrap'n) - but when I got home I had the chance to get some scrapping done - Scrapjazz held challenges all day long - and boy they were challenging. There were 12 challenges (one every hour from 7am to 7pm) - and if you did all 12 you could be entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift certificate - sadly I missed it by 1 - I only had time to do 11 of the 12 challenges. But I did win another random drawing just for particiapting, I got a $20 gift certificate to Scrapbook.com. I was so excited!

Check out the link on the left side that will take you to my scrapbook gallery to see what I got done.


my other early birthday present

It's a tote for scrapping supplies - I know most of you have no idea how excited I can be over such a thing, but I think it's tote-ally (get it) awesome!
I haven't had a chance yet to put all my stuff in it, yet. I am going to go do that now.

Tyson also got his birthday present today - more Heroscape figures for his game. He was just as excited.