My Valentine's Day Present

Tyson washed all the dishes (I HATE doing the dishes)

and he cleaned up the whole kitchen!

That is the best present ever!

Thomas's "gift" to me was that he decided to spend the WHOLE day with my - he just decided that he wasn't going to need a nap today, so that was "interesting". Thankfuly he went to bed without much fuss and I now have a quiet house all to myself.
I think I had better go work on some scrapbooking!!!


Something new

A little while ago, I decided that Thomas was drinking too much juice everyday. So my plan to get him to drink milk was that I would change his cups that he drank juice out of, and only offer him "NOG" in the old cups. Nog is short for Banana Nog, or milkshake - all it is, is Milk, banana, and yogurt mixed in a blender.

So we made the transition, and my plan seemed to work well.

Unfortunately, he still wanted to stick to his "liquid diet" - and started drinking too much NOG everday, and was not interested in juice at all.

So now, I have introduced juice again in a new way. The all amazing Juice Box!
He thinks that is pretty Hot Stuff!



Well, I am not really a big football fan - BUT we all know Tyson is.
And while I would have rather seen The other Manning in the superbowl, we had to cheer for Eli and the Giants.
Tyson even had Thomas get in the action, just to bug his buddy Scott ( a Patriots fan):

Superbowl Sunday

I told Tyson he could have his buddies come over for a party, and I would take Thomas to Newton, and spend the day with my parents.
But the weather put a big damper on those plans.
We got so much snow last night and all day today, that the roads were just too dangerous, I didn't want to drive.

Tyson's friends still braved the snow and came over.
Poor guys - Instead of getting to watch the pre-game show, they were forced to watch Blues Clues (Thomas's current favorite show - Thank goodness for on demand).

But luckily, Thomas didn't object to watching football when the game got started.