Last Day

Belly shots of my last day being pregnant!!!!


I passed

well, it seems that I have passed my other tests this week - so we can expect to have baby next week.  I have a regularly scheduled dr. apt. on monday.  and I am already scheduled for induction on next thursday.  I will keep y'all posted if anything changes after my apt. on monday afternoon.
thanks for thinking of us :)


sooner than later.....

I was almost induced today...  and I am not "due" til July 25.
I went in for what I thought would be quite an uneventful dr. visit - BUT my blood pressure was high, and I had a headache and swelling -dr. was concernd I had Pre-E, and sent me to L&D, and said if tests showed I was in danger, that I would be having my baby today.
thankfully I "passed" the tests, BUT - we are doing more tests this week - if I do BAD on those, then I will be induced Thursday.    If they come back OK, then I can wait one week, Dr. said.  And I am scheduled to be induced the next Thursday.
I was just thinking last night, about how "ready" I was, and wondering what I would do for the next 23 days... now I have only 9 days~!  how crazy is that? hmmm, how ready am I feeling now LOL....
only thing we really need, is to pick a name for this little guy....