quick update

a third family has been approved in our group, we got a call from the NNHC this morning. it's very welcome news. just 2 more to go. (but I am still not getting my hopes up)


It's almost the end of may - it's the last week *eek*
and I have only blogged 3 times this month - shame on me

so below this post is the video of our lot

here are some still shots of it...

there is still no word on when any other families might get accepted, but according to the last time AJ talked with the NNHC peoples - it could be a LOOOOOONG time - I guess the government is kinda getting more strict on the "rules" of who they allow into the program, so it may be more difficult for others to get approved. When we had last gone in to sign papers, we signed one that gave a "closing" date in Aug, and the guy said that we would be getting started before that for sure, but NOW, I am not believing that at all - being the pessimist I am about all this - I wouldn't be surprized if we had to go back in and resign the papers at a later date, because we didn't "close" (or in other words get started building) even in Aug.

This Land is MY land


Recovering from our wild weekend

It is kinda rough to go on "vacation" with little kids.

We've been up to Idaho to be with my cousin Camile and her family as they were sealed in the Idaho Falls Temple on Saturday - then we stayed overnight in a hotel, cuz we didn't want to make the kids be in the car for like the entire day --- so Thomas got to swim in the hotel pool, and he thought that was awesome!
I got TONS of sleep because I slept in one bed with Grayson, and it was so easy to just nurse him and he went right back to sleep - so that was awesome. Tyson slept in the other bed with Thomas, and .. well..... he didn't get very much sleep at all. At one point I could see that Thomas had his feet in Tyson's face LOL - but Tyson stayed up a bit later than us all (to stick to his usual night time schedule since he works late nights - He'd gone to Ian's house - he lives in Idaho Falls) and then Thomas woke him up at about 5 in the morning. Tyson did his best to get him back to sleep - but at 7 am Thomas woke Grayson and me up as well. So it was an early day for us.

We then spent sunday morning hanging out with Ian and Brynde. We went to Smittys for lunch - for my birthday~! Tom, Lori, Alex and Joni came to lunch too. Then before we headed to Blackfoot, we took Thomas to see the Falls and the Temple. We took a short walk by the falls. I got a few pictures before my camera's battery died :( Thomas really thought the falls were so cool - he didn't want to leave. But we bribed him by telling him we needed to drive to Grandma and Grandpas house to see their dogs Bandit and Murphy.

After our visit with grandma and grandpa Owen (Tom and Lori) - we started our very long drive home. Grayson was NOT happy, and it took him a while to finally put himself to sleep. I think today that everytime I put him down he thinks I am abandoning him forever, so he has been really clingy today, and I blame the car ride. Thomas, eventhough he was DEAD TIRED, never gave in to the sleep, so he was awake when we got home at almost 11 pm. That was crazy to me, since he hadn't had a nap in 2 days and didn't sleep real well sat night.

But this morning Thomas (and Tyson) slept in until 10am - and Thomas is down for a nap now. Grayson also slept in - he went back to sleep again when we got home at 11, and didn't get up this morning until 8 am. Which also translates to ME getting a ton of sleep as well. I woke up at 7:30, and just enjoyed the quiet house for a while before getting Grayson up.

Now I have the kitchen all cleaned up. We left the house a little messy before we left because I just ran out of time to do the things I needed/wanted to do. I am getting the laundry all caught up and putting away all the stuff we packed and took with us. So I think I may be able to relax tomorrow if I am lucky.

Also thanks to everyone who has wished Tyson and I happy birthday!
Tysons birthday was on Friday. He had the day off of work, so he relaxed. That night we went to Ryan and Marcela's house just to hang out and have fun. They surprized us with balloons and delicious birthday brownies.
So it has been FUN!

I will post pictures tomorrow after I get the camera battery charged up.


I won!

well, if scrapping wasn't enough of a reward in itself, I also won 2 prizes for National Scrapbooking day. One will be a $20 gift certificate to scrapbook.com and the other is a prize package worth $150! I get MORE supplies to scrap with! I am so thrilled!


Happy National Scrapbook day to me.....

It has been a long time since I have had the mojo to scrap, but NSBD and all the online crop challenges almost always have a way of getting my creativity flowing.

On friday night I really wanted to get my scrap supplies organized and maybe even scrap a little, but Grayson wouldn't go to sleep until after 11pm - and didn't sleep more than 2 hours straight that night, so I didn't get much sleep, but I refused to sleep in on Sat, cuz I wanted to do the challenges for NSBD which started at 8am mst.

Tyson, my wonderful husband, helped me out with the kids, and Grayson took a good nap during the day, so I got to scrap.... I then stayed up way too late scrapping (I was on a roll, it was nice to get my mojo back, I haven't scrapped since just after I was pregnant with Grayson).... so at 2am when I was all cleaned up from a glorious day of scrapping, Grayson woke up. I fed him and laid him back down, but he only stayed asleep for about an hour. Now it's 5 am and he is wide awake, and I have only had that one real hour of sleep.

I am a real grump when I don't get enuf sleep, and today is going to be a long day, we are going to go to church in Logan to see Shellys baby Alex get blessed, and then go to her house for lunch after. The earliest I can see getting to take a siesta is about 5pm tonight. And what do you want to bet, that Grayson won't cooperate?

It might be a while before I feel like scrapbooking again, cuz I feel like I am being punished for it right now. If this is how it's going to be, then I may have to put my stuff back up on the shelves for a while longer.

But I really did enjoy myself. I haven't had time yet, but I will be uploading what I got accomplished to my Scrapjazz gallery (link on the lefthand side of the blog), so you can come check it out -- probably tomorrow-- cuz if I have any free time today, I will probably only want to sleep.