my handsome boys!

I got matching ties for the boys.  Aren't they the cutest?!!!!

Happy Easter!

Here is last year's easter post .  I had been upset with myself for forgetting to emphasize the real meaning of Easter after I have spent so much time focusing on Christ at Christmas time.  
We did better last year.  And even better again this year.

We made our easter tree again this year.  The boys really like putting the pictures of Christ on every branch.
Thomas loves when we get to do things with Micah for the first time.  
We praise them for teaching him how to do all these awesome, fun, new things.

This year I took the time to tell the story that went along with each picture.  I had a hard time controlling my emotions with the crucifixion, so I kept that short.  We talked a lot about the resurrection, because we discovered from F.H.E. lessons  that this is an "issue" for Thomas.  But this time he was beginning to understand and was happy that because Jesus came back, "after we go to heaven, we can come back too."  He talked all about it as we took a walk around the neighborhood yesterday.
I have felt good taking the time to focus on the atonement for myself, and then to teach it to my children.