The Pool

well, with the not so typical summer weather we have had thus far, this was the first "warm" day we have had. So we jumped at the chance to take Thomas to the Pool. He LOVED it so much last year, that we thought it would be an instant hit. But he "no, no, no, no, no'd" all the way there, and then protested getting in the water as well.
But once he was in, he was OK. He didn't have a blast like last year, but I am blaming that on the cooler breeze blowing today.
He was even brave enough to try the little kiddie slide. He protested everytime he went up, but loved coming down. I wish I could have gotten a picture of that, but I was catching him, so no hands to hold the camera, especially in the water.
So here is one picture, after all was said and done. He was more happy to go home and get some "Nemo treats" (fruit snacky things) than he was to go to the pool.


We finally have some sunshine!
After Thomas wakes from his nap, we are heading to the city pool!
I was lucky to not have to work today (first Sat off in a long time).
Tomorrow we are heading to Idaho to visit "Grandpa Tom, and Grandma Lori", and Thomas seems pretty excited about that.

I have added a blog list (on the side - way down at the bottom LOL ) - with all the relatives blogs I have,and several friends. If you are not on my list, and want to be, leave me a comment or send me an e-mail.

I thought it would make them links, but so far, it doesn't do that, so I am still researching how to do that. - oh, never mind, it works fine now!!!


cold, cloudy, rainy days

Very strange weather for June, I say.
Thomas has been well behaved, but he doesn't like being stuck in the house.
The sun finally came out yesterday, so we played outside.
But it went right back to cold, cloudy and rainy again today.
The forecast is a sunny weekend though.

But I just wanted to share what a poor cooped up little toddler does on these cold, cloudy, rainy days:

his entire "library" of books, that we keep in a large storage tote (because he won't leave them on the shelves), was strewn across his bedroom floor. Luckily, he made a game of it later, by picking them all back up.
But we have had the fun of reading some of the books that had been burried at the bottom of the pile.