Ultrasound today!

It went very well! Up til now all I have had in proof that I was pregnant was the morning sickness, and I got to hear a faint heartbeat twice. So I was so glad to see him moving all around in there and that he was growing just right - he measured at 17 weeks 5 days. I LOVED seeing his little heartbeat, and 10 fingers and 10 toes and his cute little spine!
I thought this would be our one and only ultrasound, since our insurance only covers 1. BUT the Dr. says I have a low lying placenta, so in about 10 weeks I will have to get another one, to see if it has moved or not.
Tyson and I were excited to tell Thomas that he will be getting a brother.



I should title this "Why do we do these things to ourselves?"

Why do we pack our car as full to the top as possible, leaving just enough room to see out the back window, drive miles away from home to the forest, just to sleep on the hard ground in a cold tent, have to pee behind bushes, put on so much bug spray that we are literally as sticky as a fly trap, and cook our meals on a fire?

The whole time I kept thinking to myself, well you have more than the pioneers did, so stop complaining.
Seriously, I really do love to go camping. Next time though, we are getting an airmattress. Even not being pregnant, I don't think anyone could have slept on the ground that hard without experiencing the excruciating back and hip pain I did.
We were so excited to introduce Thomas to camping. He is such an outdoors boy, we knew he was just going to love it. The first night he just wanted to go back home, to his own bed, for his own usual routine. He finally got settled down and slept ok in his sleepingbag. But the instant he woke up in the morning, he still wanted to go home, again, back to his usual routine. We made him some makeshift NOG, and got him warmed up by a fire, and once everyone else decided to get out of their snuggly beds (10am) he was finally content. Shelly and Jared came up, and later AJ, Jessie, and Zoee too. So Thomas had lots of fun with all his aunts and uncles there.
That night he was much more content. We had him up a little later, he got to watch the fire, and snuggle with his daddy. And when he laid down in his sleepingbag, he was instantly asleep. He kept waking up and telling us to turn the light on, though, so we'd turn on the flashlight for a few minutes til he zonked back out again.
He woke up very happy the next day! I was glad that we had enough days for him stay two nights, one would not have been good enough, and he would have hated his camping experience.
Here are a few shots!



It's DONE~

It took about 3 weekends, and lots of (much appreciated) Help, to get it started, but the backyard swingset is all ready. Thomas LOVES it - we thought he liked the slide, but once we got that swing part attatched, he never wanted to get off again.
I think we have a winner!
We can't wait to show off our handywork at Thomas's birthday party (sat sept 6 - all you family peoples, don't forget!)

this weekend

We drove up to Idaho for my cousin Jessica's wedding reception! It was beautiful.

I really wanted to go, because I haven't seen my Nead cousins in a very long time.
The last time I saw Jessica was for a short while when she stopped in Newton with Nancy and Reed and Will. (I think it was last year).
The last time I saw Spencer was when Max (their oldest) was being blessed.(about 6 years ago, I think)
The last time I saw Kelly was at his wedding reception. (I have no idea how many years ago that was - like 8 or something)
And the last time I saw Nichole was when she and Ned came to Newton and taught us how to play Farkle. (again, that was like 12 years ago.)
So it was nice to make an appearance and say "HI, how are you." I didn't get a chance to really talk to anyone, because I was trying to keep my eye on Thomas too much. But I LOVED seeing their kids. I could easily tell who's kids were who's. Spencer's kids look just like him, and Kelly's kids looked just like him.

I knew that Spencer and Kelly were tall, but I forgot just how tall until I was standing right next to Kelly, and he pointed down at my head, as he was telling his wife (who is also quite tall) how I was related to him. I felt very small, so I ended up saying something dumb about how I was pretty sure I am older than Kelly even though he towers over me or something like that.

I wish I had pictures, but I forgot to take my camera (pregnancy makes me sooooo forgetful).


tomorrow morning

Tonight Thomas willingly let me give him a haircut. No fussing, little wiggling, no telling me to stop before I was done.
I did it after his bath, when his hair was wet, so I won't know until morning how it actually turned out.
I think I did a great job, but only dawn can tell.