Grayson's haircut - he looks so grown up

Thomas testing out their cool new bench - just the right size!!!!

Daddy keeping the boys entertained while Mommy does

I finally got to use my new drill and put my handles on my kitchen cabinets!!!!  I think they look spectacular!


the cute bench

the paint is still drying, so the boys haven't tested it out yet.
this is going right next to the door in the garage
- it's for them to sit on to take off their shoes :)


Grayson got a haircut.

Thomas skinned his knees all up on his last day of summer school.  Way to go out with a bang I guess.

I finally got the laundry done - especially the wet smelly stuff from out camp trip on monday.

I discovered my NEW drill (the one I got after returning the first new one that was broken) is also broken - this one doesn't have the chuck.  I called the service phone # on the box to ask if they could just send me a chuck, but the lady told me to take it back, cuz it's rediculous that the chuck is missing on a brand new drill.  So another trip to Lowes is in my future, and the stuff I want to hang on my walls, and the other projects I really really want to do, will have to wait even longer.

I loaded music onto a cute little mp3 player.  It is nice to get to listen to my own "grownup" music.  I like the kids music, but hearing "do you know the muffin man" over and over and over again, can literally drive a person insane.

When Tyson came home for lunch today the boys actually sat and ate their dinner in a nice quiet manner.  (WOW)

not too exciting, but that is what we did today.


here's some proof

pics of all we have been up to
to add to our list, we also reassembled the swingset finally.  I was getting tired of the wind knocking it over.  The boys, and the neighbor boys LOVE it!!!!


so far

so far today I have:
pulled weeds
done some finishing touches on the mound in the front corner of the yard
made a bench for the boys to sit on to put on/take off their shoes in the garage
painted the sandbox red
and started more organizing in the garage

Tyson got the lawn mowed again!  I am starting to see more grass!! The city got the water pump fixed the other night, so now we can get the sprinkers going right again.

its been really windy the last few days. Last night it knocked over the tower part of the swingset, and I was really worried that it had gotten broken, but upon inspection, it looks alright.  So next weeks project will be to get it all reassembled and steaked down.  I know the boys will be super excited to slide and swing in our own backyard!!

A long day

My cousin got married yesterday, and I made the trek south to go to the reception by myself with both boys.  It was so fun to see cousins that I haven't seen in so long.  That made it all worth it.
I didn't have my camera so I have nothing to show of the beautiful area, or the fun things she did.  *shrug* oh well.

The traffic down to Provo was awful. I haven't been farther than Layton in years.  There was construction every couple of miles, and we had to slow down to creeping, or even to a full dead stop.  I also got stuck behind an accident.  The boys were pretty great. 
Thomas whined a little bit
"mom, go fast" 
"I can't Thomas, all the other cars are going slow too."
and when a car or truck in another lane would slowly creep past us, he would say "we are going backwards".  I had to laugh out loud at that perception.
but other than that there was no fussing or crying or complaining.  I concider that a great blessing.  I don't like driving in stressful situations.  I am already awful at directions, I get lost A LOT.  So it was amazing that I made it all the way there without any complications.   It wasn't until I was on my way home that I missed some turn, I guess, and I ended up from Provo Canyon, all the way down to BYU.  It took me a few minutes to catch my barrings, I have only been in Provo maybe 3 or 4 times, and I am pretty sure I was only the driver once.
Anyway, after the poor kids had been in the car for about 3 hours, I finally got to Thanksgiving point, where mom and dad had gotten a hotel room - and Cabela's was on the other side of the freeway.  They were still in Salt Lake, so I got the boys out at Cabela's and let them run around.  I had promised Thomas that we would go somewhere really awesome before the "wedding".
here are pictures I took with my phone of them having a blast at cabela's.  they are fuzzy, but I didn't have my other camera.

can you see the catfish that is almost as tall as Thomas is...

What little boy wouldn't Love this?


I bought a drill

I really do like playing with power tools. 
And  I have several projects to do around the house that require a drill. 
We have a storm door to hang that Dad let us have.
I have an organizer to hang in the pantry.
I bought some totally cool wall mounted shelves for the living room .
And I have had the handles I bought for the kitchen cabinets for months now.  I've just been waiting for a drill to get them put on.
So last weekend we were at Lowes to get the lawnmower and we picked up a fancy drill too.   Well, I thought I put the battery on the charger, and that is was all charged up and ready to rock and roll.  So I got several of the projects started and then got out the drill to get them hung up.  Well, it turns out the battery was not charging - the blinking red light on the charger apparently was blinking a code that tells me the battery is "damaged or won't hold a charge". Great, I thought.  Well, I could deal with that later, so I put the second battery that came with the drill on the charger.  It started blinking green - meaning it was charging.  I went back to check on it a hour later, and it had changed to the blinking red light.  GRRRRRRR.
So now I have half finished projects all around the house.   Of course, the boys are so tempted to touch everything.  Since I have no idea when I can get back to Lowes to get this problem sorted out, I guess I will have to put it all out in the garage again.   My grumpy side is very mad about spending a nice amount of money on a broken drill.  The whiney side of me is complaining about how I just want to get my house all cute and decorated.  I haven't put up a single frame or shelf.  I did hang up some Cars characters in the boys rooms, but that doesn't really count.  And I really want the handles on the kitchen cabinets.  And of course, the tired side of me is just wondering when I will find the time and energy to get the projects started/finished again.  I was all excited and fired up yesterday, and Tyson was home to give me a hand.  The rest of the week we'll have to see how tough the boys are on me.


I made a sandbox!

The boys are LOVING it!!! 

but how do I keep all the sand from getting tracked all over the house?????