end of week 16

I feel like we got quite a bit accomplished this week.

House #1 still needs electric. Their rock is looking awesome.

House # 2 got the 2 windows they were missing, so now they are all set! They are already getting siding, insulation and sheetrocking done! Their rock is slowly coming along.

House # 3 (OUR HOUSE) - we had a few windows delivered the same time as everyone else, but they only had 4, and one of them wasn't even the right window - so we are STILL missing 4 windows.
They blew in the insulation and our sheetrock was also delivered - I am both happy and unhappy about that since the windows aren't in. Our windows are supposed to be rush ordered, but they won't get here until Wed (right before Christmas, and we aren't working then) so I am thinking about just coving the 4 open holes with some plastic, because I don't want stuff getting wet or moldy inside my house. It will be awesome to get our sheetrock on, though!

House #4 got all their windows and are putting them in.
Houses 2, 3 and 4 have all passed inspection too!

House #5 got their doors and windows.

House #6 finally got their roof. Some of it was done earlier in the week, so they started the drip edge and the plastic cover. They should be finishing that today (they couldn't get on it this morning, because the frost was too thick and slick. but the sun is coming out now.) I started to help shovel out the snow. They had 4 feet inside, but it was light and fluffy. The hard part was the inch of solid ice under that.
They have doors and windows going in!


house building - week 16

so we are 16 weeks into building our houses, some homes are almost to the half-way point. Some people are excited about that, because they think the second half goes by faster than the first. I disagree it's called the HALFWAY point, because it is half done - it's not the two-thirds point, with only one third left - it's HALF - which means that we won't be done until 32 weeks -- that is getting dangerously close to the end of April - and we have to be done by April, so that we can get the stimulus money for first time home buyers. We have to be MOVED IN by April 30. Which means we have to have our open house and everything so we can get the certificate of occupancy.

anyway - house #1 has windows, doors, mostly shingled, and the rocking is started - but they have no electricity so that is what is next for them.
house # 2 has windows except for 2 that were resized, doors that need a little more leveling, mostly shingled, the rock started, and they have elecrticity - so insulation and sheetrock are next for them.
house # 3 (OUR HOUSE) has NO windows (mysteriously lost somewhere), we do have doors, and some shingles, and electricity, so as soon as we find those darn windows and get them in, then our house is next for insulation and sheetrock, and maybe rocking.
house #4 has windows, doors, electricity, some shingles. Not sure what is next for them.
house #5 has a roof, the blocking is FINALLY done, and doors are next for them.
house #6 has no roof yet, so that is what is next for them - and it will take 2 days, then we will have to shovel out all the snow from inside (UGH)


FINALLY... our house

I am so ashamed to say that I have been too lazy to go thru all the pictures I had of our home building project in order to get them on the blog. But I repented and made up this very simple slide show - the pictures are sorta small so I have also put a link under it, for the same pictures on photobucket and you can look thru them slowly if ya want - but they are all out of order (banging head on desk at this wonderful technology that I cannot get to do what I want - it's midnight and I am giving up)...