Bubble snake

I wanted to mix things up a bit for bath time tonight, so I made a "bubble snake" maker to entertain the boys.
It was a big hit. But as always when I try new things, there is a learning curve to it.

Here is how it's made.

you need an empty waterbottle, a rubber band, an old washcloth or sock and bubble solution (which I made with dishsoap --- next time I will use baby shampoo or bubble bath -- because it got too close to being in their eyes, and Grayson got it in his mouth - YUCK)

Cut the bottom off the waterbottle and then use the elastic/rubber band to hold the old washcloth or sock on.

Dip the washcloth end in the bubble solution and blow a steady stream of air into it to make the "snakes". My boys didn't want to do it, so I did it and they played with the bubbles, which was fine for me, because I didn't want them accidentally breathing IN the soap mix.

The bubbles were so messy though, so after they played in the water for a little bit, I drained the tub and then showered them off - Thomas calls it "Raining". My bathroom sure smells CLEAN from all that soap. Thomas is already talking all about how we will do this again. And like I said before, next time I will use the baby shampoo I have on hand, and see if that works just as well, because I was really nervous about them getting it in their eyes. They were making the bubbles into HATS. SO the "no tears" is really appealing.

This is also a great outdoor activity for the summer - you can just hose them off, when they get too bubbly.


Relay for Life

last saturday we participated in the Relay for life in Brigham City. It was a lot of fun for the whole family. We started out pulling the kids in the wagon, but after only one trip around, Grayson wanted out. He RAN the whole rest of the day. We paused and had a little picnic lunch, but as soon as we were done, he said he wanted to go "walk moe" (more). Thomas wanted to stay and play on the playground. So Tyson and I split up - he stayed with Thomas, and I walked (chased after) with Grayson.

I didn't have my camera on me while we walked. But here is Grayson after the drive home. :)


The construction of the Brigham City Temple
DEC 2010

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June 2011

Happy Trails....

We said farewell to our Grandpa Hansen on May 27, 2011.

We know without a doubt that he is happily reunited with his sweetheart.

Military Honors were provided by the Box Elder County Veterans

Thomas loves to go Bowling

that pretty much sums it all up. If we could, he would make us go bowling every single day -- and even when we can't that doesn't stop him from asking if we can...(demanding, really).

the garage shelves

We got the garage shelves built in May!
Now the hard part is the organizing and decluttering, and ridding ourselves of the unwanted junk. That is taking longer than I would like, but we are slowly picking away at it. If we HAD to, we could fit one car in the garage right now -- we'd just have to push everything to one side. :)

where to start?

so much to catch up on --- I got pictures for ya!!!

here we go

Today, Grayson woke up fairly happy from his nap (it's getting to be a rare thing around here, so I love it when he does.) -- and I don't know why, but all he wanted to talk about were that I had green eyes (and then he'd try to poke his finger in my eye.)
so we talked about how his eyes are brown like daddy's and Thomas's are "mostly" green like mine (there's a mix of brown in there too).


yea, I know.....

I am a poor blogger lately.

I have lots of pictures of stuff that I wanna share on here, I just never have the time anymore. The boys have become little computer hogs.
- I even have a cute video of Grayson and Thomas sitting in the computer chair fighting
- I love when Grayson says "mine turn". It's amazing to me that my little 2 1/2 year old is so good at mouse clicking and getting the computer to do just what he wants it to.
- I am grateful for great sites like Disney Junior, PBS kids, and sesame workshop, for all the fun and educational games that the boys just can't get enough of.

so if it wasn't 11pm already I would blog about our trip to see the Thomas the Tank Engine -- but you will just have to wait another day or 2 or 10.

Next week starting on Monday I will be participating in a challenge that the stake gave the young women. For the week before camp they want us to do NO Texting, No computer socializing, and No TV. And have asked us to focus on listening to only church music, reading our scriptures, and looking for oppertunities to do service. When Tyson heard of the challenge, he at first thought I wouldn't do it. But once I told him I WAS going to do it, he knew I meant it.
anyone else think they could do it for a week?
he said he might try to join in to support me, but I challenged him with not playing one of his online games, since it's technically sociallizing, and he wasn't sure about that.... so stay tuned to find out how it went.