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Grayson has figured out how to go from laying down to sitting back up. He is working on his crawling skills, and can sometimes go forward if he concentrates really really hard, but most of the time he ends up going backwards.

Thomas started Preschool.

It is a really great school, that many other parents have said really helped their child with a certain special need - Thomas's special need is just help with social skills and behavioral issues, and since he just can't seem to hold still, his "fine motor skills" such as holding a pencil, using scissors, etc. are lacking as well. I have a meeting with is teacher on Wed. to hear what they have accessed from his 10 day "trial" period that they have been evaluating him.
He loves school. He gets to take his Lightning McQueen backpack, and ride the bus to and from school.



Thanks Grandma and Grandpa - the corn from your garden was delicious!