a sneak peek

of our little Ninja.
I got this outfit as soon as the costumes started showing up in the stores.
Thomas thought he looked so cool.
I will be uploading a slideshow as soon as I have a chance!



Simple Happy Mommy moments

I love getting to stay home with Thomas.
And while somedays it is hard work, there are a lot of little rewards.
Today I wonder if I am just consious of this fact because Tyson and I have decided that I don't have to go find a job, or maybe I am just a little overly emotional, but everything he does makes my heart swell with pride.
It's like each day he grows a little taller, and speaks in even bigger sentences.

He just came up to me, his finger up his nose, (poor kid, has had a runny nose all day, and has been dodging mommy from wiping it with a tissue).
But he walked up to me and said "tissue", and he let me wipe his nose.
Yep, that is a proud moment for me. He asked for what he wanted, and knew I was there to provide for him.



Tyson was selected to fill the position of Assistant Coach in the Dairy/Deli side of the Wal-mart Distribution Center. He is training for the next two weeks, and offically starts his new position on Tuesday Oct. 30. His shift is changing, so we are starting to get adjusted. It is going to be a big change for Thomas, but luckily, it is still Tuesday thru Friday, so we will still have our weekends together.
Thomas can't get enough of his Daddy on the weekends. I sometimes worry that Thomas wears Tyson out. He makes him wrestle, play chase the blanket, flip flops, and weee's. I am happy to get little breaks thru the day!


The Mom Overture

Had to share this - all you moms out there, will probably hear something that you have said to your kids before. (or kids you have heard your mom say)