Thomas singing

As promised here is Thomas singing "On a golden springtime" - I LOVE how he can't hold still for me - plus I was holding Micah for this little impromptu performance, I think that's his hand that flashed in front of the screen.
If the video won't play for you on the blog click on the link below
Hope you like it - I adore Thomas's singing, I just wish he'd do it more often.




 My handsome big boy!!!
playing in the sand pit in the backyard

 He's finally loosing those baby teeth that have been loose for a while.  He lost ^^ this one in the middle of church.

and below is a pic to capture that he's lost a second one on the other side - it's a terrible photo, but it's the only one that shows it - all the other pics looked like the bottom one, where his hand is in front of his mouth.


 here he is being a Jedi knight
 This is a game he invented -
 give a boy a stick and a plastic bag,
 add wind, 
and get hours of entertainment

Micah is following along :)

My playful little man

 Always sneaking into the bathroom LOL

 Playing under the table --- he's almost getting to big to fit standing up under there...
He's sure a good eater - he loves independence!!
and he's starting to get sleepy at night~  (mommy is very grateful for this~)

My adorable family!!!!

just a nice quiet saturday, chillin out on the couch together!!!!!

Memorial Day Photobomb ---

We had a delightful Memorial weekend - here are just some of the fun things we did

Saturday we drove to Idaho and visited.
We saw Grandma Winward, and Tom, Lori and Andrea.
We then scooted over to Preston to see Grandma Owen.
and on the last stretch home we stopped in to my parents house in newton

 Grayson driving the mower with Grandpa Tom

 Boys climbing  Grandma's tree slide
 and swinging on the rope swing

 Micah loved playing with the dogs
 Pics of Micah with Grandma and Grandpa

 Visiting Grandpa Winwards grave in Dayton

 Micah trying to steal Grandmas wheels
 Thomas and Grayson knew right where to go - First the cookie jar
 then to the backyard to play

On Monday Thomas requested 2 things - to go to the park, 
and to visit Grandma and Grandpa Hansen's graves in the Brigham Cemetery 
I was so happy that he is understanding this important holiday.

front yard 2

The mailbox ^ Before
V after - ready for Marigolds to grow~!

the front mound under the toy room window v before
front mound - ready for marigolds to grow!

My "Helpers"

 ^^^Grayson testing out my hole I dug for a future tree (not sure what yet) ^^^
Thomas had jumped into this hole moments before I got this shot, and he yelled "I'm a Tree!"

Thomas helped me make sure everything was watered really really good!

And Micah was thrilled for his turn with the hose too :)

Micah leaves a wet trail as he goes exploring

Yard work - front yard

 So our front yard needs quite a bit of help.  Thomas is "helping" by collecting "blossoms" LOL - he had to get every single dandylion stem he could see, all while singing a song he learned in primary - "on a golden springtime" - (if I can, I will try to upload the video I got of it).
 "On a golden springtime
underneath the ground
a tiny seedling lay asleep
 until the sun shone down
awake, awake, o little seed!
Push upward to the light
The day is bright
with all your might
push upward to the light."

 Our neighbors installed this cute 4 ft. fence~  I decided it needs some dressing up - plus it made my rock mound look sorta out of place. or too small, or something - so I used my garden hose to map out a much bigger mulch garden area.  Tyson did not approve of how big I made it, so I shrunk it down a tiny bit more.

Forest Street Compost had advertised that they were giving away free mulch for all the month of may!  I was excited.  Until we went to get the first load, and found out it was full of trash, that is why it was free.  So that load went behind the fence, and can be used in the backyard.
After all the work it took to get our first batch unloaded, I wasn't sure I was up for another round, but we got the second load, and I waited until the next day to shovel it out of the truck.   (Thanks Nate, for letting us borrow your truck, and AJ for letting us borrow your wheelbarrow)  (and Tracie for letting us use your truck for the last load we still need to get ;)

 The rocks for the border were collected from down the street.  Another neighbor  had removed them from their yard, and just thrown them into the common area, so we have slowly been loading them up and bringing them home.  I wish they'd just told me they were getting rid of them, we could have saved a step by having them thrown directly in our yard :)

Still To do in the front yard - LOTS OF WEEDING .....