ah, man

I think Thomas has broken our DVD player. he was crawling behind the tv armore to get a toy, and pulled on the cords, and it came crashing down from the top. I just tried to watch a dvd, and it doesn't want to read it. I am not mad At Thomas, but I am not happy that we have only had that thing for less than a year, and I don't want to have to find another one that can upconvert to HD.



well, if I wasn't a frazzled mommy before, I am now. Grayson has not been feeling well, and he is pretty much inconsolable. He seems to hold grudges. He looks at me like "I feel crappy - why did you do this to me mommy?" He is FINALLY napping, but I know it is not going to last long.
And Poor Thomas, is feeling neglected because I have to concentrate so much on Grayson. I worry that he might start thinking that if he cried that much, maybe he could get all the attention. So far he is being "good", but I just know how that little mind works.
Well, gotta go make Thomas feel like the center of attention again for a little while, while Grayson gets some much needed sleep.
(now if only mommy could get some sleep) :(



I got my photos organized, so next will be the pics from bear lake - these today, are just to wet your appetite :) Enjoy!


I apologize

to all of you who keep checking in here and I haven't updated ---

-- we are going to Bear Lake this weekend, so when we get back I will have something new to blog about. :)