quick peek


Micah has finally started to enjoy eating solids.  His favorite stuff includes banana bread and corn bread. he is enjoying applesauce, especially mixed with banana or blueberries. And he has actually learned how to suck the juice out of the bottle instead of just playing with it, holding it upside down and letting the juice drip all over his legs.


I don't know what brought this phase on, but Grayson's decided to always be decked out in Camouflage.

He's a handsome little devil.

reality check

I will admit some of my problem is that I spent too much time on pinterest, looking at gardens, and searching for tips (because a gardener I am NOT - just wish I was)...  but on facebook several friends have been mentioning spring time - especially seeing their tulips.  I am also excited for spring, and especially to see the tulips come up.  I finally got them planted this last fall - after 3 years of putting it off.  I also put down creeping thyme seed.  I am anxious to see if it will germinate after this winter, like it is supposed to.

Here are the pots I planted in fall --- Full of tulips of many colors and my crocus are also in a pot, because I couldn't decide where to put them in the ground (I think I have finally decided for this year. and will be buying MORE!!)

BUT ALAS --- reality check today --- this is what those pots look like right now.  I do not think we will be seeing tulips anytime soon.  especially if the forecast is correct, and more snow is on the way.


Micah_ 7 months old today

RAWR, I'm a Dinosaur!!!!!

This one looks like he is surfing.
I did a little photo shoot of him today - there is a long story about why he has no clothes on, but you don't want the messy diaper details LOL - I was trying to do some different settings on my point and shoot camera , but never did get the results I wanted...  but he is cute even if the pics aren't as sharp as I had hoped...

And here is a little evidence of his scooting skills.  He will be crawling soon, but for now, he just goes backwards.  Yesterday he ended up under the chair, and couldn't figure out why he couldn't go any further, and he also couldn't figure out why mommy was laughing so hard.  He is just too darn cute.

one little word

If you have never heard of "one little word" you can read more about it HERE  . I don't take the real class, but I do love the idea of it, so I do it on my own.
The basic idea is that you choose one word that you want to focus on for the year
I have been doing it for 3 years now.

The word I picked this year is "GOALS", so you will probably be seeing lots about it on the blog this year.

My first goal of the year was to stop watching so much TV.  I am doing well at that one.
My second goal was to not eat candy for a month.

 I started Jan. 14 and will be done in 2 days, on Feb. 14th (Valentine's Day).  I had a few rough days, but I am pretty pleased with my will power not disappearing after only a week or so, Like it usually does.

I am looking forward to THESE >>>^^^^

I haven't decided yet what my next goal needs to be - probably exercising - but I don't feel like I have the energy - I am still not sleeping at night - Micah will soon be going to his own room, and this may make things better, but I am worried that it is actually going to make things much worse for me... but that is another long story....


working hard to earn a livin

even after Grayson got a million birds for his birthday, he had some birthday money to spend, and he knew just what he wanted to get - more birds.  we'd taken the boys to spend their christmas/birthday money in early Jan, but they did not have enough money for what they wanted, so we have been assigning them extra jobs to do to get enough.  On this day they both just needed one more dollar, and then we promised to take them to the store.

they are pretty proud of themselves for earning the money 
to get their birds

Micah's new toy

We got Micah a walker.  
Thomas and Grayson both used Jumperoos'
 but Micah seems to need to be more mobile (so he can follow mama around LOL)

He likes it so far, even if it means that mama has put him down.

He is also getting mobile on his own - not crawling yet, but rolling and scooting backwards. 
I love watching him try to go find out what his brothers are up to, 
but he never gets there, he just gets farther away LOL

a few more winter pics

Since the groundhog did not see his shadow on Saturday, and we might get spring during the springtime (that never happens in Utah LOL), I thought I had better get a few more pictures of the snow.  It is quickly melting away already.  It was beautiful, but I will admit, I will be happy to see it go (well, unless it turns into never ending mud, then I will be singing a different tune.)

Grayson finally got to go outside and play in the snow.  We have been hiding out in the house, mostly cuz the boys had all been sick, and I didn't want to go thru that again.  Plus when they get cold, they don't quit, then they end up SUPER COLD, and that leads to screaming once they get in the house, cuz they don't have the patience to get warmed back up again.  My silly boys. (and yes - there was lots of screaming after these pics)....  But he had so much fun.  Thomas didn't want to play outside at all, eventhough this was a very warm sunny winter day.

Grayson's Angry Bird Birthday party

My little man turned 4!  And he wanted only one thing - ANGRY BIRDS 
(well, he wanted EVERYTHING angry birds, so I did my best)
 This is a picture of his first look at his birthday cake.  That look of pure happiness made all that hard work totally worth it.  Here's a close up of the cake.  The birds and pigs are cake pops (making those is a whole other post - what a pain LOL).  The "towers" are granola bars and kit kats.

For lunch we had Meatball Subs, per Grayson's request.  That has become the boys favorite food lately.

I also made this pinterest inspired Guacamole pig.  It was yummy.

We were lucky to have the church gym to hold the party in.  It's tough to get such a big group into my house for a winter party - in the summer, it's fine to have parties at our house, because they can be inside and outside.  Thomas always gets a pinata, but Grayson has never gotten one, cuz there is just no where to do that.  And I do admit I did not do one this year either - I wanted to, but we just ran out of time (with Micah being sick the week before).  But our activity was good enough.  We saved up boxes (and mom and Shelly brought some too!!!)  They were used to make big towers and then we knocked them down.

The slingshot worked ok, but could have been better.  It was kinda left to the last minute.  But the fun part was that the kids had fun just playing with the boxes, making all kinds of towers and after a few rounds of launching the "angry bird" balls, we just let them do their own thing.
It was a very fun party (even though Grayson had a few "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to" moments.....)