The Rock is nearly complete

Tonight was day 5 of rocking the house!
See how far we have come.....

All that is left is this one small section on the cold side of the garage (under the osb board). We will do that in a jiffy on Saturday.

day 3

day 4 am - we were waiting on the corner pieces to come

day 4 PM

day 5



On Wed. last week, I got help putting on the paper and mesh, and the scratch coat in preparation for starting our rock. It took a few days for the scratch coat to dry - and on Sat. Tyson started putting the rock up.

Our rock piled in our living room, to thaw it out. It was very frozen together.

This is about how far they got on day one.

This is how far we got today - day 2!!! We are really rocking on this rock!!
This is on the side of the house/garage, next to the front door...

Day 2 - this is under the front window next to the front door...

Week 21

Work on our roof


tent for rocking

House #1 has their roof completely done. It's got electrical, insulation, and sheetrock. Rock is done. They are going to be working inside on the trim this week.

House #2 Rock is almost done. The siding is nearly done. Most of the interior doors are installed. Inside trim will be next.

House #3 (Our House) Our roof (shingling) is finally complete! We got siding on most of the house, just not the front where we are starting on the rock. Our rock is Quick Stack - so it's going on so quick and easy!!!!! It's awesome! We also have doors to install and trim to work on.

House #4 They just need to grout their rock! All their doors are installed. Trim and siding are what is next for them.

House #5 Their roof is nearly done - if it hadn't snowed today, they could be almost complete. They got electrical done, and today the insulation truck was there blowing it in the walls! Next for them will be sheetrock!

House #6 Their roof is also almost completely finished. The electrical guy was working there today. Next for them will be insulation, sheetrock and they got their rock delivered, so they can start on that when the roof is done.


Christmas pics

The first thing Thomas did christmas morning was look in his stocking - it is tradition in our house for him to get a toothbrush, so he was looking to see what kind he got. They look like crayons, and he is so excited about that!

The boys loved the first gifts they opened so much, it took a little bit of persuading to get them to open more. Thomas got a Lightning McQueen race track, and Grayson got a great toy with colorful balls, a lion that roared and says Wahoo, and played music!

The big box was opened last, and inside it was the boys radio flyer wagon! It has 2 seats with seat belt buckles! The boys really love it! And Thomas is playing with a little piano keyboard that I found at the thrift store for $2!!


beginning of week 19

weeks 17 and 18 were full of the holidays, and not much work time.

House #1 has finally got their electric done, they got insulation blown in, and they worked hard and long on getting their stone on. Today they are working on the tediuos job of putting the grout stuff in between each stone. Next up for them is sheetrocking. I think their shingles are completely done.

House #2 - sheetrock and mudding are done, their heat is on, and the rock should be getting finished today. Next for them is doing the grout. Their shingles are completely done.

House #3 (OUR HOUSE) - we have all the windows in FINALLY. Our heat is on, the sheetrock and mudding are done. Next for us is the siding and rock. Our shingles are NOT done. We haven't had any help. And then today when we were supposed to have lots of helpers come - the weather didn't cooperate. We didn't think we could shingle with all this dang snow >:( but the weather decided to be sooo nice today, and we had called our helpers and told them not to come - GAAAH....

House #4 has their heat on, the sheetrock and mudding are done, and they have started on their rock. Their singles are completely finished (their helpers were a big help).

House #5 we have not been over there for a long time. They are waiting on 2 missing windows. But they should be ready for electric and then insulation and sheetrock.

House #6 all their windows are in. They have got the north side of their roof shingled (their helpers were a big help). They have been chipping away at the ice inside and it's almost cleared out in there. Next for them is electric.

finished with the roof - but it sure was slick up there (house #4)

chipping away at the ice (house #6)

The rock I have been helping with


it's like decorating a cake (house #1)