oh what do you do in the summertime?

when all the world is green? do you fish in a stream or lazily dream, on the banks as the clouds go by? is that what you do? so do I.
Oh, what do you do in the summertime when all the world is green? do you swim in a pool to keep yourself cool, or swing in a tree so high? is that what you do? so do I.
Oh, what do you do in the summertime when all the world is green? do you watch a parade? or drink lemonade? or count all the stars in the sky? is that what you do? so do I.

I finally got a slideshow done.

This is what Thomas did this summer -(and there are a few of Grayson)


dover plan

I know I already posted our floorplan- but we decided to flip it, so that the garage will be on th east - so here is the new and improved plan - PLUS - pics from the other dover we walked thru - and I even flipped the images, so that it looks just like how our house will look.

Here we go

We are going to start building on our houses on Saturday!
We have our 4th preconstruction meeting tomorrow - and one more next week. I am pretty sure we will be doing some safety training, and digging and then staking our each house on each lot on Saturday.
Tyson and I keep singing "it's the end of the world as we know it" because we know we are going to be crazy busy for the next several months - but what we will get in the end - is going to be sooooo worth it!


of course....

I promise slideshows of pictures and then the computer crashes.

But we have it up and running again - thanks Dad and Nate!

but time is getting a little more cramped - we have closing on our house on Tuesday, and 2 NNHC preconstruction meetings this week, we are going up to Idaho this weekend, and we have several things we would like to get done before we start building.
I guess I will see what I have time for.


sooo many pictures

I counted - and in July alone - I took over 1,000 pics (gosh, I LOVE digital photography!) - and so far in Aug - yeah I know it's only the 4th - I have taken almost 400 - you could say that is an average of 100 a day - but I took about 250 at Bear Lake on the 1st of Aug, so that is why. LOL

I guess I need to make a few slide shows to get ya'll caught up on all the fun and kido cuteness - I will try to tomorrow (yeah, I know I say that everytime - but I mean it this time)
here are a few to start us off:

Thomas Stamping

Sitting UP


Wearing Daddy's Raiders Hat



Time for a change

if I can get a little time to myself this week, I am going to be changing the blog a little... we'll see how far I get depending on how much time I will have.

Grayson has been making my evenings more challenging, because he doesn't want to sleep on his own. He wants me to be there. So it takes a long time to get him settled down for the night - some nights its 10pm - other nights its much worse, like 1 or 2am.
Thomas has learned that he is in control of coming out of his bedroom - so he gets out of bed at 6am some mornings. So these 2 little boys with opposite schedules are really making things more difficult on me.


one of the families that we will be building in Corinne with moved into our ward a few weeks ago, but we didn't even know it until today.
They have 2 little boys close to our boys in age - in fact the older boy's birthday is Aug 31 - so 4 days before Thomas's. It is going to be so cool for them - they are in the same sunbeam class, so they will already have a friend when they move to our new ward - they'll probably be in the same grade - I just hope that Thomas will actually interact with him so that he can always have a buddy.
Oh - AND they are building in the lot right next to ours on the east side.
We have also been told that the other family that will be building on the west of us has 2 little kids as well. So I am excited for when we get to finally meet the others, because it sounds like we are going to have some really great neighbors.