I have been tagged

By Oscar T. Grouch from Scrapjazz.
I have never been tagged before, but it fianlly gave me a reason to get on here and get blogging.
I am supposed to name 7 random things about myself and then tag 7 more people.
Here ya go:
1. I hate ice in my drinks.
2. I can't swim.
3. I hate when people touch my feet or my face.
4. I love turtles.
5. My favorite ice cream is Ben and Jerry's Half Baked.
6. I have climbed the Eifel Tower.
7. I have stood on a Glacier.
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(Becky, Georgina, Pam, Michelle, Lindi, Jen, Amy)
you have been tagged.


Just for Fun.

This is just a shot from the Air Show we went to a few weeks ago. Thomas is checking out the Ferrari.


Spitting Image

I took some pics of Thomas the other day and when I looked at them again today, I saw Tyson's face staring out at me. Tell me if you agree.