Thomas at the POOL


we were there from 4 til 7:30

and he still wasn't worn out

Daddy helped him ride the BIG slide

And Thomas wore Daddy right out  (:

The do have little kid slides too, that he went down over and over, but I was on the wrong side of the pool with Grayson so I didn't get any pictures of that, I will have to next time, though, because he is just too darn cute and so independant

Grayson at the POOL

He was very apprehensive at first. I am not sure if he didn't like the noises, or all the people, or what.  But he was not happy with us trying to get him in the water either.

Eventually he did warm up to it
after a few Cheetos

and I was able to get him to walk on the edge in the water, and he had a good time.



It's growing, it's growing, it's really really growing!

Isn't it amazing how something so small and simple can bring so much joy?  (I am just relieved that we haven't killed it - too much water, not enough water - that is a lot of pressure)

and here are photos of the flowers I got planted :)


more before and after



I planted more flowers today, and will post a picture of that later.



just so tired

I am having trouble again with videos from photobucket -- worked fine the other day. CLICK On the thumbnail, it should start the video

Bouncing on the couch

Grayson does EVERYTHING he sees Thomas doing.

Both boys bouncing on the couch

click on it to start the video

We have LAWN

Hydroseed was sprayed on today!  I am soooooo ready for grass.  Alas we have to wait for it to grow, and it is going to be tough keeping the kids off of it while it grows in -- but HURRAY!  I am looking forward to not having sons that look like pig-pen

Before and Afters

the back yard facing west -- you can also see my planter boxes for my raised garden, and the swingset that we still need to get reassembled after the grass grows in.... Thomas can't wait!

in the back facing the east

and the front again so you can see my landscaping :)   - the shrubs will go in the dirt mound under the playroom window, and where they sit in this picture will be my rock garden. 

You can also see my Umbrella Catalpa tree way back on the left side. We saw those trees around on the block we lived in Brigham City, and we had to do a lot of searching to find out what kind of trees they were, and most people have never heard of them. We called them "Appa" trees until we learned the real name, because they looked like the big bushy flying bison from the cartoon Avatar the Last Airbender :)

these are pics of the ones on our old block:

and YES, we are very excited about the Last Airbender movie coming out July 2

we hope to go see it opening night (MOM can you babysit?)  :)


Under the Rainbow

There was a HUGE rainbow tonight - from one end to the other end!
It was so big, I couldn't get it in one photo - I made a video, and will upload it tomorrow!

Thomas loves Super Why

I was excited to find Super Why was available to stream on Netflix, since our TV's arent hooked up to cable or anything, but it IS wi-fi inabled (and the one in the toy room is hooked up to the PS3).  
In the show Super Why (on PBS) the super reader kids solve "super big problems" by flying into books, and learning how the problem was solved in the story, which is usually a classic fairy tale.
Each character has a power - Alpha Pig, has alphabet powers.  Wonder Red, has word power (rhyming).  Princess Pea, has spelling power.  And Super Why has the power to read - and he can "change the story and save the day". 
We have been watching 4 episodes over and over.  Jack and the Bean Stalk, Princess and the Pea, The Three Little Pigs, and Little Red Riding Hood.   In the 3 Little Pig's story they track down the big bad wolf, and ask him why he is being bad, and as with all the storys he says "I can't help it.  It's in my story."  So Super Why changes the story by making him the GOOD wolf.

Anyway- so today at  lunch Thomas was being very noisey.  I told him he needed to be quiet.  And he replied "I can't be quiet.  It's in my story".

Two can play at that game little man - so now Tyson and I are going to write a Thomas story, and then Super Why can change it, so that he is QUIET.  and this could work for anything really... he eats his dinner, he uses his napkin, he doesn't fuss when we ask him to do something, he keeps his hands to himself,  goes to bed on time :) 


I am bored....

I have been up with Grayson since 3am, and I am soooo bored.

I didn't want to start any projects -like laundry or dishes- they just make too much noise in our house.

Tyson needs to sleep in because after work last night, he walked for about 2 more hours for Relay for Life.  So he got home around 2:30 this morning.

The sun is finally peeking out of the clouds, so maybe we will head outside, and get started playing in the dirt really early today. 
The sprinkler guys are finally here.  We have waited 10 days since they were last here.  They are at the Gonzalez's now, and I think we are next.  Today was supposed to be our last work day.  USDA/Rural Development wants us to be done so they can close the loan (no more spending LOL).   But there is no way now that we can be done.  We got our AC put in a few days ago, but so far we are the only ones (ahhhhhhh).  Once the sprinklers get done, we have Hydroseed coming, but they are booked, since we couldn't give them a day to come since the sprinkler guys wouldn't come do their job.  it's so frustrating.  I cannot wait for grass!!!!!  I am so tired of having to change Thomas's clothes 2 or 3 times a day.  He loves to dig in the dirt.  Which is fine.  But he is sooo covered, we call him Pig-pen because he has a cloud of dirt all around him, and I don't want all that dirt all over our new house :(  I am trying to keep up with the mess, but it's practically impossible.
Here is my stud:
Once I get the kids busy in the dirt, I have to go to the garage and sort thru stuff, because the neighborhood decided to have a community yard sale next saturday.  Since we are out in the country, it's the best way to get more people out here all at once.  Gotta mentally prepare myself to let go of my junk.  It doesn't fit in the house, so I don't need it.  But I inherited the "what if I could use it someday" disease.  I got it from both sides - from Grandma, and from my Dad.  He likes to tease me about all the stuff I have in my garage, because I always tease him about his garage, and his campers, and his 4 storage sheds. 
Thomas is done with school for a while.  He gets to do a few days a month for the summertime as part of an "extended school year" to help him in his program.  They felt that if he missed the entire summer, that he would slip or revert in his progress.   I guess I should come up with a few things to help him feel that we have a little structure during our day.  I am not good at structure.  But I do like being creative, so I should be able to come up with fun things to be "educational" at the same time.  That should keep me from being bored for a while!
well, I am off to stop being bored!  Thanks blog for getting my mind going :)