Easter is on the way!

Last year I was pretty upset with myself after easter. I always pride myself on focusing christmas on Christ, but when Tyson commented about the boys easter baskets by saying "there are more toys and candy than we had at christmas"... I knew I had flubbed up.
so this year I am making sure to teach more about Christ so that my boys will start to understand the real meaning of easter.

we will do the fun holiday stuff on saturday including a small easter basket with a few useful things : a puzzle, a new shovel for the sandbox, a t-shirt and a book, - this goes along with my christmas gift giving motto "something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read."

we will also have the boys do a small egg hunt around the backyard - the eggs will have a little candy (peanutbutter m&m's and mini reeses), crunch berry and fruit-loop cereal, and mini chocolate chip cookies. It doesn't have to be much, the hunt for the eggs is much more fun to watch, then them stuffing so much chocolate in their mouths that they can't chew it all, and are drooling all down their chins (yes, that is what I witnessed last year, and I was kicking myself for it)...
for family home evening last night we read a very simplified version of the crucifixion and resurrection,

we colored a picture of Jesus, and hung them on the fridge (we do this every week with our family home evening picture, then they can be reminded all week about what we learned.)

and then we put together an easter tree to remind us of Jesus all week.

I printed pictures of Christ that I had collected, and then also pictures of kids doing things Jesus taught. The boys are loving it!

For next year I will be brainstorming how to decorate the house for easter with more things that can continue to remind us of the reason for the season. I don't think I have any easter decorations, so our house is pretty un-festive (is that a word?)