my to-do list:

I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest. for anyone that doesn't know what it is, the easy explainations is that it's a great place to find and collect fun ideas from the internet. so it's a bit addicting for me. And one reason I've been spending so much time, is because I am bored. I have lots that I could be doing, like updating my blog (hanging my head in shame LOL)... but I don't seem to have much motivation lately.
ANYWAY - on Pinterest someone pinned (shared) this idea of decluttering one space each day in a creative way. They called theirs 40 bags in 40 days - I guess since my house is relatively small and not too cluttered, I only came up with 20. So in 20 days I should be feeling much more clean and organized around here.

I decided that I would actually LIKE to do this - so here we go.

Here is my list:
1. junk drawer in the kitchen
2. utensil drawer (all the measuring cups and spoons, and random other things).
3. computer desk drawers
4. magazine basket (living room)
5. coat closet
6. Grayson's closet (it's bad, all the clothes he's outgrown are still in there)
7. Thomas's closet (its not bad)
8. boys bathroom
9. laundry room cupboard (cleaners)
10. my bathroom
11. my closet (clothes)
12. my closet (stuff)
13. under my bed storage
14. garage (just the stuff on the floor that needs to be out of the way)
15. pantry
16. toy room (toys)
17. toy room (books)
18. toy room (blanket pile)
19. my scrapbook desk
20. the "Hub" (thats the catchall spot in my kitchen)

so I guess half my goal will to spend less time on pinterest LOL - so I can get stuff done around here.