I know I don't blog much anymore - fb is just more convenient - BUT for several photos, I would rather have them on here - so here's a quick splat of our Halloween funs this year:

Avengers Assemble --- at Mom's Birthday party/halloween costume carnival

 Baby Thor - I liked how the wind caught his cape in this one

Carving Pumpkins - --- I swore after last year that we would be painting them this year, but Thomas and Grayson both insisted that they wanted to carve out the Jack-o-lantern faces, and they could handle scooping out the "guts"  - well, Grayson gagged a few times, and Thomas had a full blown meltdown because it didn't come out the first try, and I swear that Next year - we're painting them.........  but after all the Guff, they were both happy with their pumpkins

 Grayson ended up NEEDING a superman symbol and Thomas NEEDED batman (cuz they NEEDED to match the shirts they were wearing that day.)

 THOMAS's school costume parade
Capt. America
baby Thor

me and Iron man ;)

our glowing pumpkins

 we didn't let them have much of their candy tonight after trick or treating

Silly Baby

Witches Night Out ;)  last week
so there you have it - Thanks for lookin!


The Suzzzz said...

Baby Thor is adorable! And I love your witches costume. Where did you get your dress? I really like it.

Mindy :) said...

it's a poodle skirt (e-bay) and a shiny shirt from the di :) I got the hat on e-bay too, and spruced it up on my own