Potty Training

Yep, I know most people hate when all a Stay at Home Mom has to talk about is potty training, but I have found that it is ALL CONSUMING. I guess I spoke too soon when I said Thomas had gotten it down. We have been dealing with accidents for weeks now, and I am not sure what has been the cause of this recession. Tyson and I have spent day and night wracking our brains to why, and what we can do to get him back on track.
I am loosing my sanity, since I am the one home with him every moment of the day, and I have to deal with changes of wardrobe for him about 5 times a day now. Sometimes it's just minutes after we changed him. This is making a TON of laundry for me to do and stay caught up with.
Totally boogles my mind. I am just at a loss for what I need to do, besides putting him back into diapers.

Oh, yeah, and this big boy has decided that he no longer needs his afternoon nap anymore.


Sheila said...

Mindy: What worked for potty training with our girls was this. Buy a clear bottle with the clamp on top that locks the bottle. Fill the bottle with their favorite candy. (M&Ms did the trick with our girls.) They could only get 1 M&M if they went potty and we could see the evident in the toilet. One of my daughters would say she did it, but I made her show me the evidence. Within a week, things got better. Bribery at the end of training worked great - a book or a small toy they really wanted.

Camilla said...

Yeah, bribery all the way. And, just hang in there. . . .try not to show any emotion with an accident-- he might pick up on it an any attention is good attention (unfortunately).


Vanisi Family said...

It's because he knows that you are pregnant & that's stressful for him. It sounds like I'm kidding, but I'm not. I was thinking about potty training Leki when I got preg with Enos, and ALL of the moms I know said to wait until after he got used to the baby. It's a huge stressor to add a new baby to the family.

That being said, I don't have any idea what you should do now. Whether you stick him back in diapers or not is up to you (sorry!).

Leki is just starting to get interested in potty training. We've tried EVERYTHING we can think of, and it finally came down to rewarding him with something he loves after (in his case, either pudding or chocolate milk)...

Sara ;) said...

I feel for you...I remember those days! We'll be in the same boat in about 6 months...but by then you'll be smooth sailing! :)