On Wed. last week, I got help putting on the paper and mesh, and the scratch coat in preparation for starting our rock. It took a few days for the scratch coat to dry - and on Sat. Tyson started putting the rock up.

Our rock piled in our living room, to thaw it out. It was very frozen together.

This is about how far they got on day one.

This is how far we got today - day 2!!! We are really rocking on this rock!!
This is on the side of the house/garage, next to the front door...

Day 2 - this is under the front window next to the front door...

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ajandersonguy said...

Quick stack is the way to go! Looks good! Any idea when you guys might be done? I hope not same time as us just so we can go to each others open house! The first house has cabinets in, second almost ready for paint, third is close to paint as well, ours still needs closets and bottom trim done (be sure to check gap at bottom of trim on side of doors. Too big you might want to pull it off! we found out the hard way!) and well the last two houses need all interior done. But we are close!