Micah_RSV :(

I took Micah to the Dr. yesterday.  We had been scheduled for a "well-baby" checkup, but I had to call them  in the morning and I asked them to change it to a "sick-baby" checkup, because he was coughing and weezeing and just all around miserable.  So instead of getting all the fun 6 month Stats, we had to go the hospital and have him tested for RSV - which came back positive - which means that there is nothing the Dr.'s can do.  Its a virus.
Thankfully we have a nebulizer here at home - we got it after having to take Grayson to the ER one night when he was having difficulty breathing when he was tiny too. I am so grateful to have it on hand for whenever we need it.
so here is our completely adorable, even when sick, little Micah, taking his treatment

Today he is somewhat improved over yesterday.  I am not as scared about his condition.  He wasn't so fussy.  He didn't want to eat for about the last 24 hours, so he's finally eating again today.  He's smiling for Daddy, and looking all around at what his brothers are playing.  So that is so much better than him not even wanting to lift his head off my chest from yesterday.

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