family photos

yesterday we had coordinated with Tyson's mom and brother and his family, to get a family photo taken.  we  picked a day and after a bit of searching about, I picked a spot to meet, that I hoped would have some fun places for nice and different background.

well, the day rolled around, and the weather forecast was NOT looking good.  it was a gorgeous morning, bright and sunny - but they said the rain would come.  It was hard to believe with the sun shining down so gloriously.  BUT, sadly, in the afternoon I could hear the thunder rumbling.  The funny thing is, that in Corinne, we don't really get the rain - so I watched it as it was hitting the mountain range, but we still had sunshine.

Anyway, we had to head into Logan early to borrow my brothers truck (yard projects this weekend), and as we went up over the mountain we saw the sun had broken thru the clouds - BUT we still had an hour til photo time - would the sun last??

I wish I had thought to get out my camera for what happened next.

Just after we stopped to get the truck, the black clouds rolled up over the other side of the mountains.  The lightning began striking very close and very quickly,  followed with ground shaking thunder.  I wanted to cry.  We drove our way up to USU campus, where we were going to take the photos.
The sky just Opened up, and you couldn't even call it rain - the water just came DUMPING out of the sky, all at once, and it was mixed with hail as well.  It just Pounded down.  The road was instantly covered with a foot or more of water.
BUT then as suddenly as it had started - it stopped.  It was all done.  And the storm moved off.

we were left with fantastic light for our photos.
it was a tiny bit chilly, and the wind picked up a bit which is problematic with my long hair - I couldn't keep it under control LOL, and poor Micah was so 'done' with it all by the end (and so was Thomas, but you know him, he is 'done' before we even begin in most cases), but everyone did good and I think we got some great shots.

and I had Tyson run back to the car and grab my camera while the photographer was working on the brother's family, and I got a few cute pics of my boys :

poor little man = getting cold and tired

handsome Grayson!!  growing up so fast!
I LOVE this photo I caught of Thomas (one in a million) - His face and smile are nice and relaxed, and his body language is happy and calm!!!

My silly little Micah - only wants to be held by MOMMY - that is why he's crying in this photo

Peek-a-boo Grayson!!!


The Suzzzz said...

I love the photo of all of your boys! It is priceless with Micah screaming while everyone else is smiling. So cute!

Christina VanGinkel said...

What a beautiful family Mindy!!