It's ME!

I forgot to put this on the blog. It was taken about 3 weeks ago - so at about 25 weeks.
I wore this dress to Church, and suddenly everyone realized - "hey, she's pregnant". We are usually a tiny bit late for church, and consequently, we have to sit up on bench second from the front - that's the "Owen" bench. So we walked past everyone, and I could just FEEL all the looks, and almost hear all the whispers. I got A Lot of questions that day - "when are you due?" "is Thomas going to have a brother or sister?" "how are you feeling?". I was a bit amused - finally people knew I was pregnant, and not just getting fatter.


Leslie said...

look at you! you're such a cute pg girl!

Vanisi Family said...

You're so cute! Don't you just love that moment when everyone realizes you're prego?