A Sunday Funny

Our nursery at church has a tiny "peek hole" in the door, so parents can look in ans see how their kids are behaving, without the kids seeing them.

Well, I always like to peek in to see how Thomas is behaving during the lesson, and listen to hear what he is learning about, so we can talk with him about it afterward.

He isn't doing so well at sitting in his chair during the lesson (there were other kids out of their chairs, so that doesn't help him behave either).

So after church today, we had him sitting up to the table with us for lunch in his highchair (made into a "lowchair") - and I asked him about what he learned in Nursery today. He couldn't tell me, and I said something along the lines of he wasn't sitting in his chair at church, that is why he couldn't hear the lesson.
Thomas responded with "those chairs don't have buckles"

so apprently since he can't be stapped down, he doesn't have to stay seated :) LOL

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