My Birth Story!!!!

Tuesday morning I called Labor and Delivery to schedule my induction. They said “Call back around 7pm.” So we took the time on Tuesday to get laundry and dishes done and pick up the house a bit. We got Thomas all packed up and ready to go to Grandmas house for his overnight stays. We ended up not leaving the house to head to Grandmas until almost 7 pm - so once we made it thru the canyon, I called the hospital. “come on in” they said this time. So I called Mom and she met us at the hospital and took Thomas home with her.

I got started on Cervidill (sp?) that night. They got me all hooked up with IVs and stuff (they had to poke and prod me 4 times, because I was so swollen with water retention - so that took over a half hour and was like HELL)
Tyson and I stayed up watching “How I Met Your Mother” until the sleep aid they gave me kicked in and we went to sleep.
7 am the next morning, we started the actual Induction process. The pitocin was started at 9 am - and I got “in line” for an epidural, since the anistisologist (sp?) was already at the hospital for several other ladies who were all being induced that morning as well (one lady was having baby #8 :shock: ) I got that at 10 - It was fun to watch the contractions on the screen next to me, and not have to feel a thing. So the progress lasted about 4 hours - so at 1pm, the contractions started getting stronger and closer together -

At just before 2 pm I felt Grayson “engage” - and suddenly I started having a horrible pain in my back. I gave myself a punch of the epidural button and called in the nurse. She got me all checked out and said I had progressed from a 5cm at 1:00 to 10 cm just before 2:00. She said I could give myself another punch of the epidural, which I did while we waited for Doc to get ready.

As soon as doc was ready, he said give me a push with the contraction - I pushed 3 times - and he said “one more like that and that should do it” - - I was shocked - but VERY HAPPY to hear that. So I gave 3 more pushes with the next contraction and Grayson was born. (6 pushes in about 1 minute! I am claiming bragging rights for doing so good J )

Grayson Gordon was born at 2:08 pm, weighed 7lbs. 6 oz. and was 19 ½ inches long.

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Vanisi Family said...

Wow! Crazy! Awesome for you!!