one of the families that we will be building in Corinne with moved into our ward a few weeks ago, but we didn't even know it until today.
They have 2 little boys close to our boys in age - in fact the older boy's birthday is Aug 31 - so 4 days before Thomas's. It is going to be so cool for them - they are in the same sunbeam class, so they will already have a friend when they move to our new ward - they'll probably be in the same grade - I just hope that Thomas will actually interact with him so that he can always have a buddy.
Oh - AND they are building in the lot right next to ours on the east side.
We have also been told that the other family that will be building on the west of us has 2 little kids as well. So I am excited for when we get to finally meet the others, because it sounds like we are going to have some really great neighbors.

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