Other random house stuff

this is a cabinet I FINALLY found for my laundry room - it's 4 ft wide, 24" tall, and 12" deep. It was perfect, and exactly what I was looking for. I won't get to install it until after the open house though.

the first one is the light for every bedroom, and the bathrooms and hallways.
The second one on the top is the vanity for the bathrooms - it is actually a vertical wall sconce, but when we saw it in the store it was horizontal and it was with all the other bathroom vanity lights. I love it! Tyson on the other hand, doesn't care either way, apparently, even though it was his idea.
The big one is the lights for the front of the garage - they are 15" tall, I wanted them to be on a grand scale, since our garage is much wider than everyone elses.
The last one on top is a powerful halogen lamp for the side and back yards.

The Track light will go in my kitchen.
The one with 3 lights goes in my walk-in closet.
Tyson and I both LOVE the wagon wheel chandelier, it's going over the dining room table.
And the ceiling fans will be in the masterbedroom and the front room.

These are my black appliances. We upgraded from the standard stuff that NNHC offers. I needed a double doored fridge (because it fits better in the floorplan) and I LOVE that it does NOT have an icemaker, because I know the kids would be soaking my floor with water if we had one. I also chose a flat top ceramic stove! I am so excited to try it out. I am pretty sure this is the dishwasher that comes with the house, though, and it looks great to me.

This is the bedding I had to have for our master bedroom. I am painting the room with navy blues and tans, so I think this bedding will really complete the look I am going for! (can't wait to show that off, someday)


Curtis and Talesha Swainston said...

We have tract lighting in our new kitchen area too! I love it! I love all your choices. I so need a new comforter! Maybe I can find one now!

Camilla said...

So exciting to get to make all these decisions yourselves!