my poor baby

we had to go to the Dr. again yesterday.
He was showing the same signs as last month when he got a double ear infection and pnemonia. 
So this time I took him in as soon as I could (without the ER visit).
This time it's "just" bronchitis.
The Dr. gave us a nebulizer this time.  We won't have to return it.  We sure could have used the one we had "rented" last month , but we gave it back last week.    The Dr. warned that he could be developing asthma, so now he can get relief anytime he is showing signs.  I am sure that this is all triggered by allergies of some kind.  All of us are pretty choked up right now from something.

he is such a good little boy to just leave it on. 
 I think he can tell that it helps him feel better.

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