here come the photos!!!

Grayson decided to start that terrible 2's phase - drew ALL over the walls with the dry erase marker.

All my boys got haircuts!

Grayson's Mater cake!!


The Swainston Family said...

The drawing on the walls looks so familiar! We have the same probably with our little 2 year old! Cute boys!

Tam said...

cute job on the Mater truck!

Oyuna said...

i love the cake! did you make it?

Mindy :) said...

yep, the mater truck is made out of cupcakes. now Thomas insistes at least every day that I need to make a Lightning cake, a doc cake, a luigi cake..... I just tell him I don't want to make red frosting, or blue frosting or yellow frosting. He says I can make a Darrel Cartrip cake and that he can be white LOL