quick update...

I meant to post all about Grayson next after the long post about Thomas, ya know, since Grayson just turned the big 2! But blogging just hasn't been on the agenda for a while.

February has been a little rough on us all.

I have been sick off and on pretty much all month. It started with some strange pains, which eventually settled in my leg. After hobbling around for a week, I went to the dr. and got a cortizone shot. That made it feel all better! BUT the weekend, it started again. I also got what I guess was food poisoning. Thankfully, Tyson took the day off work.

Tyson had to go to the dr. He has a double ear infection.

Thomas had a Dr. appointment with our Ped. and he was diagnosed with ADHD, and we have started him on the med. Adderall. So far, I have not seen the improvements I would like - but we are giving it some time to see. The worst side effect, is that some nights, he just doesn't sleep. Which adds to my misery in many ways. He can't possibly try to beat the adhd if he is too tired and miserable, and I cannot handle the outbursts because I am physically and mentally exhausted.

Grayson has been ok. Just runny nose, and cough. We have been using his nebulizer for breathing treatments, and that really helps.

So there is our misery.

But it isn't always bad. The first weekend of the month I got to scrapbook all day on saturday. I get to make that a monthly deal, so hopefully soon I can start sharing what I have accomplished on here.
We were able to host our first Superbowl party in our new house. Besides getting "stood up" by a few people, it was fun, and we had tons of yummy food!
Tyson hosted his first "Heroscape Game Day" too. He gets the third saturday of the month each month to entice new friends to get addicted to Heroscape. I am very happy to see him get some play time with his favorite board game in the world.

I am glad that there is only 28 days in Feb. I am already ready for it to be over, so we can start over fresh. And hopefully healthy.
As soon as I can get blogger to cooperate, i have some pictures to share from Grayson's 2nd birthday, and several pics of the boys just being their cute little selves.

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