Happy Halloween

I am going to attempt to take Thomas to do a tiny bit of Trick-or-Treating in about an hour. We won't be going far, since my back hurts too much to walk much. And we will just be going to the members houses around this block. Thomas doesn't care for candy much anyway, and I certainly don't need it. I just want him to have a little fun.
We will see what he thinks, and report back later :)

well , it took me about an hour to even get him out of the house.
He literally threw a fit when I told him we needed to put his football jersey OVER his coat - but once I wrestled him into his coat and got it on over top - he was just fine.Once we got outside, he saw the other kids out walking around, I asked if he was ready to go for a walk - and he was quite excited about that.
He would knock on the doors and say "Treat" and then "thanks" so cutely after he got a treat. He had fun, but really enjoyed the walk more than the trick or treating part.
We didn't go too far - about 2 blocks, so maybe a dozen houses or so.
I brought his favorite "lightning treats" (fruit snacks) with me, and put 2 in his bucket after we were done, so when he looked at his stash, he found something that he actually liked. I got to eat his snickers and milky way bars LOL. The rest of the stuff, I will see if he wants to test anything out tomorrow.

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