At today's Doc appointment my blood pressure jumped, so I will now be going in TOMORROW for my induction.

btw - I knew they should have just done it last week - now there are signs of protein in the urine - which is a sign of pre-eclampsia or toxemia - and I am soooo mad, because if my blood pressure is still high tomorrow, then I may have to be put on the darn magnesium sulfate during and after labor. That stuff really sucks. (had to have it when I labored with Thomas) It made me so HOT, it made my whole body feel heavy like lead, it made me throw up, and I swear I had a horrible rash/allergic reaction to it afterward because it didin't want to leave my system.
so send some good vibes that my b/p will come down by tomorrow.

and in the next update --- we'll have BABY PICTURES!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck Mindy!

Nichole said...

WHoOP WHOoP!!! Sounds like you should change docs. I'm all for the docs who take patients advice and feeling into consideration instead of just "going by the book". They don't know EVERYTHING~

Keli said...

Hey hope everything goes well, I am excited to see pictures! Let me know when you have the fabric for your sling.

talesha said...

Good luck! I can't wait to see baby pictures! If you think today has been long, try have a scheduled c-section. I still have 2 weeks left!

Oscar T. Grouch said...

Congrats Mindy