Spending Freeze

I am a member of Mommysavers.com - love the site - I have gotten so many great ideas from these ladies on how to cut down my budget and save money -(it's now on my sidebar if ya want to check it out!!) and they have started what they call the Forget The Jones Bootcamp.
Today was day 1, and the challenge is to go on a 21 day spending freeze.
the idea is to have an approved spending list of the things that you can purchase in the next 21 days - so far I cannot think of much of anything that we need - we are pretty well stocked up for a while thanks to some bargin shopping I have done recently.
We will of course need some groceries, but I will be trying to make my menus based on what we have stocked in the cupboard first. And I will be doing my very best to make the "cheaper" things in my recipe books (can you say Tomato soup and grilled cheese? LOL)

My goal on top of their challenge is to redo my "price list" for my recipes. I made a list last year so I knew the price of every meal on my menu list, but in the last year the prices of every ingredient has dramatically gone up - AND I have added almost 30 more meals to my rotation that I do not know the total price of yet. Once I get that accomplished I will share it with all of you in the hopes that all my hard work can be useful to others as well as my family.

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Nichole said...

Wow! Good luck with that~~ Happy New Year!