Good bye Grandma Hansen - you will be missed

I was going to go see Grandma today.  I wanted to tell her Thank You for everything she did for us while we lived in the basement.  I wanted to let her know how much Thomas and Grayson and Tyson and I loved her. I wanted to recount some of the sweet and tender moments we had shared in the last 4 1/2 years that we were there.  Like how Thomas started out as a tiny baby laying on a blanket not even rolling over yet, and then how he learned to walk there, and RUN, and talk, and all the things he loved about going upstairs to grandmas house.  She would spoil him with chocolate milk, or bread and butter, or even just crushed ice from the fridge :)  And how our little Grayson also started out on the blanket on the floor, and then rolled over, then crawled and then walked - all with Grandma and Grandpa there to cheer him on.
But I was just a few hours too late. 
Grandma passed away this morning, peacefully at home with her children around her.  Grandpa says he misses his sweet wife. 
We have tried to tell Thomas, but it will take a while before he is going to understand.
I was going thru my photos to see what I had of grandma and grandpa, and I have to admit I am mad/sad at myself for taking precious moments too lightly.  In the years that we were so close to them, I took them for granted.  You know, thinking they would always be there.  I have lots of photos of the kids, and I know that most of the time, Grandma and Grandpa are there in the background, but I didn't get a shot with them in it.
I hope that this will help me do better at getting photos of the important people in my life, like more pics of my mom and dad with the boys, or with each other, or even better - with ME.
It is late, and i am really just rambling, but I needed to clear my head so I can get some sleep.


Tam said...

That makes me so sad, Mindy. :( I'm sorry for your loss. BIG hugs to all of you.

nachista said...

Don't be mad at yourself, you can't take life seriously all the time. Your grandma knows how much you love and miss her and she wants you to be happy and live your life with joy.

Remember the good times! I still miss my grandma Hickman everyday, even though she died 19 years ago. But remember the the good times, even simple little memories like her letting us steal sips of coke or walking to the grocery store with her make me smile.

It hurts now but it gets better. You are lucky to have had so much time with your grandparents and I can tell they have really touched your life.

Nilsa said...

Sorry for your loss Mindy.