in Heaven

we briefly talked to Thomas about Grandma.  we tried to tell him that she is now with Heavenly Father and Jesus, but he wasn't holding still and didn't seem to even be listening... but today he was just talking a mile a minute like he always does, when he said "where does heavenly father live? HEAVEN" and I acknowledged that yes, he was right about that.
then later as he was waiting for the school bus he was playing with the water hose, and sprinkling water on the driveway, and he told his daddy that he was making a picture of Grandma and Heavenly Father.
I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life.  And the knowledge that life doesn't just end with death, but continues on, and that we will all be together again.  I know we miss our loved ones down here on earth, but they are always close by, watching over us. 

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Tam said...

aw, he's sweet!