Camping #3

Tyson and I weren't sure how the kids would be at sleeping in a strange place, in their sleeping bags. They did great! We know that letting them play all day long and keeping them up a little later than usual to sit around the campfire and look up at the stars, would tucker them out so they did sleep well.

The first morning they woke up about 6:30 -- I made them stay in their sleeping bags to stay warm until at least 7am, cuz I didn't want them waking up everyone else, AND I wanted to stay warm in my sleeping bag too.
The second morning, after getting much more worn out from the exploring of the day, they slept until 9am!! We'd gone to bed about 9pm that night, so I (we) got 12 hours of sleep! I don't know when the last time I got 12 hours of sleep LOL :)

I forgot that mornings are cool at camp, so I didn't pack enough warm clothes. We ended up going home a day earlier than I'd intended because of that. But the last day, it was just us, Nate, and mom and Dad left. It was a very quiet morning. Later in the morning we went hiking -- those pics in the #5 post!

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