Summer school time week 2

This week we worked on letters F thru J

on monday I mixed up a batch of homemade playdough (recipe below) and we learned about Hard and Soft. I talked with them about how the hard objects made the shapes on the soft playdough... I loved that they used just about everything they could find to make impressions - they liked thier cars a lot. But they also liked making "monsters" with the googley eyes, and Grayson found a small spoon, and liked pretending that he was serving it up. :)

PLAY DOUGH RECIPE (I got it from my pal Talesha) we made purple grape = it smelled graptastic!

On Wed we did Yes and NO.

We have this Clifford toy that I picked up at the D.I. (thrift store) a long time ago. There is a button you push on his back, and it makes his head shake back and forth, like he is saying NO.

So I made up a small matching game with coloring pages from PBS KIDS . com and when we had a match they yelled YES, and if they didn't match they would say no, and we'd shake our heads and do the clifford toy to shake his head no too. Then they wanted to color the pictures.

On Sunday we played catch up (I slacked off this last week - gotta do better this week) and did the left and right activity - where they traced their hands, and then used scissors to cut them out.

Grayson was delighted to finally be allowed to use scissors. He did pretty good.

The boys played with that playdough all week long. If you couldn't tell, we did that activity in the garage - because they are just so messy with it. Some days they would leave the playdough out, and it would really get dried out in that hot garage, but luckily, I had only given them a small portion, so we just threw it out, and gave them some more. That recipe lasted the whole week! But now it's gone, so if they want more, I will have to mix up a new batch - we'll do blue raspberry next time :)

This week (week 3) we are learning about Book of Mormon Heros. I have changed them from my original plan, but hope the boys will like who I have picked.
Only 4 weeks until school starts! I hope we are ready.


Tam said...

I love the little monsters! Cute!

Lesle Alvarado said...

Love their creativity with the play dough!