we had a big rain storm yesterday - I guess that is why all the critters are out and about (scaring the socks off of me, in the process)

This dude was just hanging out on the driveway - I wasn't looking down until I was just a foot away from him - then I jumped about 6 feet in the air, and ran to find Tyson to take care of him.

then later I was out in the cool evening air, doing a little weeding. I tossed a handful of weeds onto a little pile and THIS guy jumped out at me.

after my second heart attack of the night, I decided to pack it in, and stay inside. (eventhough every thing I am spotting in my periferal view is still making me jumpy)...


nachista said...

The frog is kind of cute, did your boys get to see them? I'm not fond of those creatures either, but at least it wasn't something dangerous like a rattlesnake.

Mindy :) said...

The boys saw the snake, Grayson didn't know what to think, he was half laughing and half crying as Tyson caught it and took it across the street to the big open field. LOL

The frog was after the boys went to bed, I like going out into the quiet to weed to recollect my sanity.